Sony keeps PS3 price cut deliberaton close to vest

Sony Corp. is in no hurry to cut prices on its PlayStation games console, top executives said, even though many industry experts and other executives consider it a foregone conclusion.

Some analysts thought Sony might announce a price cut at the E3 video game convention that wraps up Thursday. Others predict the cut would come in September, ahead of the winter holidays.

Such a move would boost Sony's console sales, lift demand for gaming software and increase foot traffic to retailers, experts say.

And with a big portion of holiday season sales at stake, rivals Microsoft Corp and Nintendo Co Ltd might follow suit, or perhaps offer promotions that bundle in free games or accessories.

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yoghurt3878d ago

I think they may announce a price-cut at Gamescon in August, it was at that show last year they announced the new size hard drive package etc...

just a thought

Jockamo3878d ago

...although, honestly, I think after such a monster showing at E3, they won't NEED a price cut! They are doing a great job of selling this console...once they DO announce a price cut, they won't be able to keep them on the shelves!

Man, Sony. Good job!

The gaming GOD3878d ago

Around the Holiday season. That way they can maximize the profit.

spunnups3878d ago

I imagine they will drop the price around November of this year. PS3's should be a little cheaper to manufacturer by then.

kaveti66163877d ago

Under different circumstances I would not bat an eyelash at the price of the PS3, but unfortunately the economy decided to pull the rug underneath the feet of billions of people and I have postponed my plans on buying a Playstation 3 indefinitely. It's not as if it isn't worth its price, but it doesn't matter because I do not have the money.

If a mansion cost a thousand bucks right now, I still wouldn't buy it because I'm not able. Same with the PS3. I'm willing, just not able.