Has the high definition era truly begun?

More than two years since Microsoft's erstwhile gaming evangelist, J Allard, announced that the next generation of consoles would arrive at the head of a technology and media transition he termed the "HD Era", you might be forgiven for thinking that the transition is a done deal.

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Spartan154270d ago

I thought it has already began.

Syko4270d ago

Did Sony announce it has begun yet, LOL

shotputking4270d ago

for videophiles, yeah, it has begun. for the mainstream consumer, nope, as evidenced by the fact that only around 15% of american househoulds have an hdtv.

ItsDubC4270d ago

Which justifies Nintendo's decision to leave HD functionality out of the Wii, given their target demographic. However, many videophiles are hardcore gamers. I think Sony and MS have also done a good job of turning hardcore gamers into videophiles, which is evident not only in each company's emphasis on their respective console's graphical rendering capabilities but also in the inclusion of BluRay / HD-DVD compatibility.

fenderputty4270d ago

You don't think 15% of consumers owning HD tv's is a start? It sure sounds like it's started to me. This year saw the biggest BOOM in HD purchases. It's only going to continue to increase. My friend came over to play PS3 with me. I popped in Casino Royal and to quote him exactly, " Wow ... what an awesomely clear picture." He wants an HDTV now. HD is cathing on which is why people think Nintendo won't last this gen.

Come Christmas time this year, HD TV sales prices are going to blow your mind. It's only going to grow as things get cheaper.

Dragonopolis4270d ago

makes it easier for the U.S. industry to finally settle on a standard without alienating to many people. Looks like it will be 1080p-24/30. 15% isn't bad. Some people have to have televisions and can't wait it out so they go and buy a cheap old school TV or 720p at Walmart instead of waiting for 2009 DTV change or for 1080p to come down to a reasonable price range. This should keep DVD popular for at least a couple of years

If consumers thought that 720p/1080p standard was confusing, wait until 1080p is finally settled in. There will be a new decision to make - whether to buy a 1080p/30hz, 1080p/60hz, and now 1080p/120hz. You will have your consumers who swear that 120hz is noticeably smoother than lower refresh rates and there will be heated discussions about the difference - much like the difference between 1080i and 1080p

Eventually all fixed Home Televisions will settle at 1080p and that will be the standard for at least 5 years and probably hang around for a decade. 720p will probably hang on in the portable media devices but by 2008 won't be a factor in the home entertainment segment.

If people did their research first before impulse buying HDTVs last year they would have found out that HDTV was still being finalize including the HDMI connection. Smart thing would be to have waited until Christmas 2007 By then, prices would really be competitive plus most new TVs will have had the new standard HDMI 1.3 which Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats are geared towards. Blu-ray and HD-DVD players will have been a little cheaper to buy (plus a better grasp on which format is the better choice).

Oh well, its the price people pay for early adoption of new technologies when there is no guarantee standard set. Happen to people with Betamax, it is going to with people who bought TVs early before waiting to see the final industry standards. People keep saying "what does it matter HD Television isn't going to be 1080p". I doubt that. Its the bandwidth that is preventing 1080p not because studios want it. Television shows do well on Disc when popular, so more than likely all Television shows will be created for 1080p and downscaled to fit current broadcast bandwidth. Once a new standard is figured out for Wifi/Internet Technology, it more and like will have enough bandwidth to allow 1080p to be broadcast directly to the Television but that isn't for at least a couple more years here in the U.S.

It seems that most U.S. consumers are doing the smart thing and waiting it out. Christmas 2007 could be an interesting shopping season for TV and HD movie playing manufactures.

Funky Town_TX4270d ago

Not untill Sony says so. Has Sony said so?

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