Big Download: E3 2009: Borderlands eyes-on impressions

John Callaham Writes:

We got to see Gearbox Software's original first person shooter Borderlands at last year's E3 and at that time it looked like it would be a cool game in terms of mixing FPS gameplay with action-RPG elements. The art style of the game, set on a desert like world, looked fine. But it didn't jump at you and scream, "Look at me." either.

That is not the case anymore. At 2K Games' meeting room at E3 2009 this week we got a chance to see the new art style of Borderlands in a live (but hands-off) demo. And it pretty much looked incredible. The cel-shaded (or concept art style or whatever you want to call it) look of Borderlands looks like you are seeing a 3D comic book come to life and it certainly makes the game stand out (in a good way).

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