Project Natal Hitting Late Night

Gamer Limit writes, "Project Natal will be demonstrated on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009. Will Mr. Kudo with glasses demonstrate? We'll find out next week! Maybe we'll get a few more juicy details!"

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Spike473884d ago

all this new tech from MS and Sony is impressive, but we've seen it before, and they have not yet proven themselves if you think about it, even if they are impressive.

Mr_Bun3884d ago

Look to the wii if you question 'shovelware'...or you can look at what MS demo'd...Did they show people playing gears of war? or did they show people kicking balls all over the place?

Blaze9293884d ago

Microsoft's marketing for Natal has ALREADY started!? They aren't joking around and I say this is a pretty damn nice start to get the message out and get people informed.

Monchichi0253884d ago

Reasons like this is why M.S, is winnig the console race so far in the U.S. Even though they have a weaker product they know how to market the hell out of it!!! Kudos to them!!

ShabzS3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

the late show circuit... its a great place to show natal ... its an amazing tech for the gameing audience imagine what it would do for the regular audience

rockleex3884d ago

Implemented for FPS games, action games, precision drawing, etc.

Heck, the woman in the Milo video had to draw on a piece of paper for Natal to scan.

While the PS Motion Controller guy wrote directly into the virtual tech demo, precisely too!

cyberwaffles3884d ago

but it doesn't make jimmy fallon any funnier. for once in a my life, i'm actually going to admit that conan o brien ain't half bad compared to jimmy fallon and was the better of the two before they both transitioned into a new show. jay leno was the sh!t though and i'm still pissed he's gone.

TheRealSpy023884d ago

The ONLY reason to ever watch Jimmy Fallon aka No-Talent Ass Clown

beardpapa3884d ago

Behold. The power of Microsoft marketing. Jump In!

Chris3993884d ago

They will continue to trounce the PS3 until the suits at Sony learn how to promote their product. Consumer loyalty will only get you so far. I really enjoy my PS3, it's a shame that others won't enjoy it as much SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT AWARE THAT IT EXISTS OR OF ITS CAPABILITIES. (Not shouting, just emphasizing - we really need an "italics" option here on N4G :) ).

Marceles3884d ago

I'll be impressed if it's they don't demo Ricochet or the painting.

hazeblaze3884d ago

This is great marketing for Microsoft... and that's the one area they've really done well in this gen.... But I still have absolutely no interest in playing games with no controller...

However, this will attract the casuals... It'll be interesting to see if they can use the technology to appeal to the hardcore as well.

BRG90003884d ago

Sorry, but are you judging the two technologies based on which one lets you write better? Odd standard to focus on for gaming technology...

cherrypie3884d ago

You have *NEVER* seen Natal before. It is a 3D camera (and other tech) not available anywhere for gaming.

Xbox LIVE Vision and eyetoy != Natal.

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syvergy3884d ago

Can't wait to see if it runs as well as MS says!

Why dis3884d ago

MSFT didn't say it worked well it was shown to.

stevedawonder3884d ago

I agree. I've heard they had Natal controlling Burnout Paradise in their demonstrations. That's a good sign, right?

Pennywise3884d ago

I wonder how gas/breaks/turbo gets done when its you holding your arms out in front of you turning the wheel.

Xi3884d ago

leg forward, gas, leg back, break.

If you sitting down, slide you leg forward slightly or back slightly.

sofresh2003884d ago

Sounds like way too much for a racing game. You'd get more precision from just using a controller.

Raf1k13884d ago

i wonder what happens if the person next to u moves an arm or a leg :S

Gun_Senshi3884d ago

basically with natal you cannot control the amount of gas and brake you use its fixed.

Also you cannot use gas and brake for drift with it at same time.


Xi3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

controls the speed.

I don't know about the gas and brake thing, but they can easily implement the ability for your to ebrake.

edit for below.
Duh... that's why people are so amazed at this thing. It can do that.

The bam video was a problem to the avatar's in ability to be properly animated for natal. The wii remote had many similar with stuff like wii sports, particularly the tennis.

cyberwaffles3884d ago

stuff like that ain't as easy to apply to a racing like you think. the device would have to have a really good sensor to pick up acute depth perception and field. it would have analogous control for just about everything and the human mind can only estimate virtual distances and objects in the head so accurately, efficiently, and more importantly, comfortably. a controller is a yes or no input device (except for the sticks) and it's a lot easier to control because of that. there are too many variables for such a device to succeed in perfecting to be practical and fun to use.

also, have you seen that "Bam" video everyone keeps embedding/attaching? if a motion controller (without the controller to mention) was so inaccurate at just turning a person's body around to show his shoe, how do you think it could handle such precision and accuracy of a racing car to not fail? i would imagine that you would sputter constantly and burnout donuts on the pavement.

beardpapa3884d ago

When I was still doing my undergrad courses, I had a class w/ this one professor that had spinal injury so the bottom half of his body couldn't feel. Anyway, he told us how he was very anxious in getting a new benz but after a week of driving it, he got his volvo back. The reason was because he couldn't feel how much pressure to apply to the gas/brakes so the drive felt very uncomfortable/awkward to him. With his old Volvo however, he told us the reason why that car felt natural to him was because he remembers how much pressure to apply for that car given that he had it before the accident.

I couldn't understand how it must feel for him until one day I sat on my legs (on the floor) using my laptop for a couple hours. I got up quickly for class only to realize my legs were numb and I couldn't balance myself because I couldn't feel my feet. It felt like I was floating. I guess the point being is that driving or controlling something virtual using body motion is something we'll need practice with, and it's perhaps much easier if there's a device that can give us tactile feedback. Without that feedback, we won't know just how much to move our leg forward (or back) in virtual space to floor the pedal.

Arnon3884d ago

Hmmm I dunno but my guess is, Natal is still in alpha form, and is already being used for hardcore gaming. Which warrants the fact that you know nothing about this tech and are pretty much saying Microsoft is not capable of it lolol. Microsoft makes some great tech, and people hate it. Sony makes a dinky wand that (NO.. CAN NOT BE USED FOR FPS. You'd walk straight into your TV that way just as shown in the demo) is literally an upgraded version of a wiimote (and by upgraded, I mean it has a better 1:1 and that's it), and everyone praises it. Lulz.

So I went around asking a ton of kids at my school what they thought about the 2. I showed them crap about it, and every single one of them was shocked by Natal. Sony Wand? Not so much. Only on N4G would that thing be getting praise haha.

hazeblaze3884d ago

Agreed. That does NOT sound like a fun way to play Burnout.... and that's where Natal fails.

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jdktech20103884d ago

that Natal can be used in anything from casual games to hardcore games and is planned to be used in hardcore games (some in development).

So I pose this (not sure how it would work but I'm not a game developer). Could it have something to do with Halo: Reach? I mean the timeline sets up pretty well to me. Who knows? But the possibilities of Natal are endless.

If anyone thinks this motion sensing is remotely close to Wii or PS3, you're misinformed. While those have motion sensing qualities, you still need a controller. Natal literally senses you're whole body. If I have a Wii remote or PS3 whatever they call it, and move my arm not touching the controller, nothing happens on the screen. If I do that on Natal, the arm on the screen moves.

The possibilities are endless and I think if it works as well as it could, it will bring in more casual gamers than Wii. Especially parents and women who don't play games because the controller is too compicated

artgamer3884d ago

This is so focking retarded !!! Its interaction design 101 that when you are controlling something you need some form of feedback.

do you think you can drive a car as good if you don't feel the traction, the feedback that a steeringwheel gives you ?

This is all very crucial information that cannot be overlooked.
You wanna shape your hand like a pistol and make pew pew pew ! sounds

Not to mention holding your hands in the air and making like a steering wheel, not being able to rest your hands for a second.

Damn, I gotta hand it to Microsoft, they sure know how to fool their fans.

Xi3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

"This is so focking retarded !!! Its interaction design 101 that when you are controlling something you need some form of feedback."

Aren't visuals and audio a form of feed back?

A joystick doesn't provide any feedback, but people have been using those for years? and rumble was only popular last generation on consoles, so why were people playing racing games on the n64 and ps1 even without this 'feedback'? your strawman argument doesn't work at all.

testerg353884d ago

Hmmm... from what I remembered, the original PS3 controller didn't even have rumble. So where was the feedback there? So is using a joypad the same as using a steering wheel to you? That didn't seem to stop people from playing racing games.

artgamer3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

@ Xi and Tester

The fact of the matter is you need to be holding something you nitwits, its the way you were brought up. You were not tought to use a physical object without physicaly holding it.

When I say feedback you noobs talk about rumble, but even just holding something, is a form of feedback, it tells you that you're holding something. But you noobs wouldnt know that, your heads are too far up Microsofts ass.

Xi3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

And there's a really bad accident, I'm cringing because of the feedback I get from holding my.... popcorn?

When I was a kid I used to play cops and robbers, I never needed a real gun to have fun, my hand pretending to be the gun was more then enough. Infact I learned to drive standard by imitating my father's motion, when I started driving standard, I had nearly no problems.

If your hands are imitating the use of a wheel, isn't that enough feedback? And if it isn't then whats wrong with a fake steering wheel, or fake gun. Mario kart seem to do just fine.

How about by preforming the action of pulling your finger? natal can track finger movements so what would be so difficult about that?

artgamer3884d ago

See, this is why you're a nitwit. Fake gun, and pull the trigger, how ?

Reload, how ? Switch weapon, how ? Move around, how ? Throw grenade, how ? Melee, how ? Steady shot/zoom, how ?

Don't compare gaming to no damn movie, you're laughing at Sony for having a Wii like controller but the engineers at Sony have found out long ago that for some things you just absolutely need a button and something to hold.

And what, you gonna buy fake guns, fake steering wheels, fake grenades and all that junk ?

Don't fool yourself.

jdktech20103884d ago

let me get this straight......

just because it's never been done before and you apparently don't like trying new things, it's a failure

I remember many people saying the Wii would fail because there's only two to three buttons and motion to control it and it turned out to be a pretty big success.

Maybe not for shooters but it would be extremely fun for fighting games, racing games (you would actually be positioned like your driving a car), sports games (feel like you're swinging a bat or throwing a pass, etc.

You're thinking too literal with games like GOW or Halo. It's not like it's gonna completely replace those but it might add another element to it just like PS3 added certain motions using it's controller to games like Call of Duty.

I understand you're probably a PS3 fan but do something it doesn't seem like you have ever done and think bigger than PS3 vs 360. The skateboard thing is a perfect example (if it's true) where the kid scanned his skateboard in and then didn't need it and leaned back and forth like he was skateboarding and jumping for tricks and the game did it.

That is amazing from a technology standpoint and opportunity for great gaming experiences standpoint. Not to mention the voice recognition. People are thinking too small here and in a PS3 vs 360 sense which is utterly dumb because for the last time....there are no battles or war going on. It's three companies trying to sell their product....or in other words.....Capitalism (the thing our market is founded on)

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Clance3884d ago

I think I'd rather hold a plastic gun in my hand for shooters... where's the fun in pretending to shoot anything, like when you were too poor to buy a toy gun as a kid, while everybody else had them?

I don't wanna go back to miming!

Hopefully Jimmy/MS don't f this one up...

GiantEnemyCrab3884d ago

Then go to the store and hold a plastic gun. You don't have to use just your hands. Wanna use a broomstick for a sword go ahead. It's tracking your body and doesn't give a crap if you're holding something from what I understand.

FragMnTagM3884d ago

Giant Enemy Crab. If I feel that I need to hold something, I will hold something. If the game plays fine without it, then I will not use a prop. What I am hoping for is that a racing game will be used like this(at least hardcore games): You can still use the controller or steering wheel for force feedback, but in addition use the Natal for voice commands (talking to the pit crew). It can also be used to look around while you are in the co(kpit view of the car to give it a more natural feel instead of using the second analog to look around. Now if your granny or your mom felt like playing the game, they could just "Jump In" and play with you too without having to learn buttons and stuff. Who hasn't steered a car? They would be able to do it very easily.

Clance3884d ago

But won't trying to look around the car = looking away from the screen?

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