MGS:4(PS3) vs. Crysis(PC) vs. Drakes Fortune(PS3)

Here is an interesting side by side image comparison a neo-gaf member has posted. It pits Metal Gear Solid 4 next to Crysis. Then goes on to to pit Uncharted:Drakes Fortune next to Crysis. Crysis being the most stunnningly impressive video game to date. Lets take a look to see how well raw next-gen console power stacks against the ever domination PC.

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THAMMER14273d ago

O.K. so they are saying the PS3 can perform on par with the top PC game being offered today. Well I really want to see this. LOL what the [email protected] is going on this $#!t is too funny.

consolewar4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Crysis destroys everything the Ps3/360 have. Oh well nice comparison.

Deep you're funny, it's ok to compare your games to those of the 360, but not against the PC games dude. Just give it a rest. Cut the art direction, AI,lighting bullcr*p. Nothing will touch Crysis. period.

techie4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Lol they're not saying that Thammer. Would be funny if they were. ConsoleWar...I'm not using my own words dude...the coming speil is a quotation from the poster...

"Technically, Crysis is a beast, but i think that MGS4 and Uncharted still have THE art direction (IMHO).
The lighting in Crysis looks so real... (like in GTHD), but the lighting in Uncharted and MGS4 is so gorgeous and charming.
Crysis has got the very high rez' textures, but Uncharted will have incredible characters animations, an MGS4 will have an incredible AI.
Different approaches."

So that's good.

And before anyone says oh MGS4 is all brown and yellow...that's an aesthetic choice. The first MGS was blue...and the others have different colours (anyone tell me what)'s Kojima's way of creating atmosphere and bringing an emotional quality to the games.

Ps. I expect MGS4 to look better than those screens. And Snakes suit is def on par with the suits in Crysis...I want one! lol. Also MGS is 3rd person so that suit will be on display throughout. All these games are going to look great. Can't wait to see Cryengine2 on the 360 and ps3 :)

eques judicii4273d ago

i agree that the art direction of MGS is better than crysis... but those post-processing effects really change the appearance of the game and has little to do with how much the processor is really rendering. Plus, the shot of the truck crashing was scripted in MGS while it was being caused in realtime in the crysis demo... Crysis is not only handling the graphics but its physics are all realtime. I'm not saying that MGS was CG, i'm just saying it was scripted, much like all the MGS... this allows much better graphics because the system doesn't have to calculate the physics 100% of the time.

I will have to disagree with you on drakes fortune, i think the graphics are good there but the art direction is lacking. The jungle is a little too green and the character design isn't great... i'd rather play tomb raider ;-) then i get to at least look at jubblies!

not bashing the game, just disagreeing about the art direction that's all, please don't flame :D

techie4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

If you're saying "don't flame" to me...I guess you don't know me on here.

But anyway. Yeah...I never said Crysis is not as good looking as MGS...I think it looks "spiffing"...absolut ely incredible. I just think they look different. And yes I agree that we have yet to see the explosions in MGS...but lets wait and see before we judge aye? Im sure Kojima as massively high standards on physics.

Aw I really like Uncharted art direction...have you watched the trailer in action? I think the main character is great. And lets wait til we see more of it. But as I said the animation will revolutionise what we think animation should be in a game...responsive, but smooth and realistic..not just responsive and jerky.

Uncharted is the perfect game for me...also supposedly pushing genres. Really can't wait. Why would I get a ps3? Quite simply the games. Being a non-fan of fps and a huge fna of POP, GOW (GOD!), Tomb Raider etc...looking at the list of titles coming to the ps3 I feel it suits me better. So if anyone says the ps3 doesn't have's the only reason I'm getting it in June.

It is a hard mix but that's what Naughty Dog are aiming for as said in all their interviews. That's their main target :)

eques judicii - different approach. There's disadvantages and advantages to both. You can do much more complex things with rolling up sleeves etc. Go watch the trailer and keep in mind that the devs said all that animation is going to be the ingame playable character.

Bebedora4273d ago

that is a hard mix. Great animated and responsive. What I can see in HS seems like a good measure too. Maybe it is a little jerky in HS but I have to say, this is what I am missing in many of the fast paced action games like Ninja Gaiden for one. There I think it is missing some smooth animations.

Uncharted looks just great. Still have to see it in action so to speak.

eques judicii4273d ago

smooth motions are great, but wasn't LucasArts developing the Euphoria engine that simulated motions so that nothing was jerky? I thought that was truly going to revolutionize more motion capture... or is Drakes running on that?

lilwingman4273d ago

They're licensing the Euphoria engine from NaturalMotion for Force Unleashed and the upcoming Indiana Jones game. Actual artifical intelligence in enemies. It's pretty amazing technology. I think they hold exclusive rights until 2008.

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FeralPhoenix4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

I don't think this says much other than that all of these games look great, Crysis is a beast but you would need a "nice" PC for that baby.....although I hope MGS4 gets some more "color" before its released, trust me I'm a huge MGS fan but I would definitely like to see some more color in the final version.

[Edit]^^^^oooops, too late deepbrown I already said it, well either way I'm getting the game.....but I still think it would look better with color, not like crazy bright colors but dare I say this "Gears type" color....I know, I know its a different art style but seriously I think those type of colors would "enhance"/work well in the look of this game alot IMO. -but whatever, I'm buying.

[Edit]vvvvv yeah you're probably right deepbrown, this is just one section of the game.....the environments will be very different throughtout the game, I have no doubt that Kojima won't dissapoint with this game.

techie4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

Feral...there will be different sections that have a different mood...I look forward to seeing all the different environments in MGS...we won't be disappointed.

Uncharted will look amazing, but it is an action adventure game with a completely different art style - think who's making it, the makers of JAK. But where Unchrated will trump most other games is ...Animation. The animation in the trailer is what will be in the final game...10 different animations for the same action, eg hiding behind cover. When he gets out his shotgun his sleeves will roll up is arm, and at a point he will roll them down again. :)

**edit** Kojima knows what he is's like giving advice to Stanley Kubrick. MGS has always had a colour know what he's trying to do with it...but seeing the demo of him running MGS in real-time...he had lots of lighting effects and shades to play with that I'm sure will be used throughout the game. Gears is very gothic and I think MGS should not try and reproduce anything like that.

elitesupreme4273d ago

you mean mostly darkness? to hide how dirty their color palette is?

EaziG4273d ago

those Metal Gear shots were low res snapshots taken from the video trailer. and the crysis pictures were the highest quality they could find.
wait until Metal Gear comes out and there's be a much closer comparison.
although i know that crysis looks amazing, very good graphics. but comparing it to those games isn't really worth the effort, since Metal gear hasn't really had any up-to-date hi res screen shots, and that other drakes fortune game? ...the hell? that game is blatently not going to be a goodlooking as crysis.

still i 'm really looking forward to Metal Gear.

R34GTR4273d ago

But doesnt that make you kinda of extatic. MGS:4 is not even at final build. Im sure that Crysis build being shown is wayy further along that those early MGS4 shots. I think for an early build MGS:4 compared to a nearly complete Crysis. It does do pretty dammn good.

MGS:4 is going to be record breaking in the visual department and its Kojima soo im not concerned about story and gameplay.

Jones Miller4273d ago

The MGS4 design approach wins in my book. I agree with deepbrown.