PS3 faces "uphill struggle" to dominate UK platform space - Pannel

Ubisoft's head of marketing in the UK, Murray Pannel, has told that he feels Sony is facing a big challenge to become the dominant player in the country's next-gen platform landscape - but also believes that if the PlayStation 3's value and price proposition is right, the brand still has a huge appeal..

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Genesis53884d ago

Well as long as they keep on making the games. People will see that it has alot to offer that you can't play anywhere else.

Jockamo3884d ago

the PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING, am I right?!

Mu5afir3883d ago

The only thing holding it back is a price drop.. hopefully at TGS something will be announced.

Ninver3883d ago

price drop + GT5 = total dominance.

M$ + Halo:OST or whatever = overhyped american generic turd lol.

ian723883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

I live in the UK. About 30 random people,(adults, doing college course, ages 18 to 50) were asked what console they had and more of them had a ps3 than 360.
It worked out about 2 to 1 in favour of ps3.
I know its not many people to ask, but it was just a quick poll as I was curious.
More people had a DS though.

likedamaster3882d ago

dirty beaver + N4G = no impact