Edge Review: Red Faction - Guerrilla

Edge: Mars ultimately fails to mean a whole lot - the tale of the colonists' struggle for independence made humdrum through limp cutscenes, seeded through the world by flatly written news reports and AI barks. And though this little diminishes the delight of knocking a cooling tower down with a singularity bomb, or watching several tons of concrete crumple into the face of an EDF lackey, it does stunt the dramatic significance these events hold. Red Faction plays its hand early, letting you blow a building to pieces in the first few minutes of the game. Though the explosions scale with progress, and the act of detonation continues to be a giddy pleasure, Mars could do with a thicker atmosphere.

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Pennywise3888d ago

They are just trigger happy with number 7. I hate edge. Every game is a 7.

s8anicslayer3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I bet they give Halo 3 ODST 9.8 or 10/10, They are so predictable it's rediculous. They gave inFAMOUS the same score (7/10) I'm not saying that the score isn't just because every reviewer is entitled to their own opinion but Edge is just so lame it aint funny!

ReaperXL73888d ago

alot of people are actually liking this game in terms of the reviewers that have played it.

I just think sometimes Edge tried to sound "Tough" on reviews to make themselves sound important, seriously just about every review I have ever read from edge is filled with negativity and it makes me wonder if the guys at edge even like videogames to begin with.

ian723887d ago

I have got this game and Infamous. They both deserve at least 8.5/10.
It makes me wonder, do these reviewers really play the game.