Pocket Gamer: Cop: The Recruit Hands-On

Considering the commercial failure of Rockstar's decision to bring GTA to DS in the shape of the 18-rated Chinatown Wars, you might be thinking that someone at Ubisoft is either especially ambitious or, as the double-edge management compliment goes, very brave in bringing urban free-roamer Cop: The Recruit to the platform.

Not according to its producer Nouredine Abboud. "This isn't a mature game. We think it will be rated at 12. Also it's true 3D and not a topdown view. I think people prefer 3D for these type of games," he explains.

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PS360WII3519d ago

Sounds like a lot of work has been put into this

SpoonyRedMage3519d ago

I'm worried about the control scheme but all the people who have tried it say it works well...

It does look impressive but I don't know if I'd say PS2 standard. I'm glad that there's games like Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker, KH 358/2 Days and this showing what DS can do.

PS360WII3519d ago

Yes it is nice there are some games that shine out. Those are good games to point out but also Renegade Kid is making a 3rd title with their spiffy DS engine :)

I'm a bit skeptical about the PS2 standard but you can't blame a dev for PR ^.-

SpoonyRedMage3519d ago

I haven't played Dementium or Moon would you recommend them? They do look nice...

Yer, it's just PR but it can always come back and bite them ass.

PS360WII3519d ago

They are alright. Nothing to special in the end. I'm hoping Dementium 2 will be better ^^ Moon while looking good for the DS is just an average at best game. Smooth controls for a fps but that's about it.