Strategy Informer: MAG Preview

Strategy Informer writes: "MAG is one of, if not the largest scale FPS ever conceived. Featuring the capability to host games of up to 256 different players, there has never been anything quite like MAG, and to be perfectly honest, it seems a little daunting, both as a gamer and as a games journalist."

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OmarJA3518d ago

This game looks amazing, day one purchase...

Bumpmapping3518d ago

They played two hours with no mention of lag looks like Kotaku is bs people again

N4Sony3518d ago

A COD4 clone with 256 players is worth getting excited about? I don't know...I may buy this. But seriously, this game does absolutely nothing new. It's selling point is scope, and that's it. Hopefully, bigger proves better for PS3 this fall.

aldesko3518d ago

Why can't games just be fun? A fun large-scale FPS would be a new experience for console gamers. I'm cautiously optimistic for MAG, just cause I'm tired of FPSs, and I prefer playing them on my PC. If they pull it off and it's fun, I'll play it.

SoapShoes3518d ago

There is a hell of alot more strategy involved in mag than cod4. Since when was cod innovative anyway? It's good, but has been a clone since the first.

boss_killa3518d ago

i hope there'll be shorter matches in MAG. if every match takes hours it could turn people off.

i hope zipper inlcudes alot of match customization.