PS3 motion control already in devs' hands

When Microsoft unveiled its motion-sensing camera, Project Natal, at its E3 press event on Monday, it made a point of saying that software developer kits for the device were being sent out that day. Later, in an interview with GameSpot, Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer revealed that the device had been shown to two top developers--Epic Games (Gears of War 2) and Bungie Studios (Halo 3: ODST)--who were experimenting with the technology.

When Sony showed off its own motion-sensing system--based on the PlayStation Eye, light-emitting diodes, and wireless controllers with buttons--it appeared to be at an earlier stage of development. Whereas Microsoft's Lionhead Studios had already created a mood-sensing interactive program called Milo, Sony had a more primitive (but still impressive) tech demo where objects were manipulated and foes were slain with virtual weapons.

Now, though, it appears Sony's motion-sensing efforts may be farther along than many thought. Speaking with GameSpot, Sony Computer Entertainment America senior vice president of marketing Peter Dille divulged that the technology--first revealed in a US Patent filing last fall--is already in developers' hands.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3879d ago

Once again Sony thinks ahead while Microsoft limps on and on

Why o why3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

suppose 'our' clone will be playable quicker than 'your' clone. At least these two techs have a different angle on gaming. The line between the 2 consoles was starting to blur because of the same games. This might signal a much needed change.

arika3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

on top of that, the tables have turned. now ps3 has their motion controller out with the game developers already and half of the tech is already out in retail which is the pseye., while on the other hand xbox 360's natal is still very new and when it finally comes out it looks like its going to be as expensive as the console itself.

Rifle-Man3879d ago

And if there's one thing we've discovered this gen, price is everything.

40cal3879d ago

She used to want a Wii, because my mother in law has one, not bagging on the Wii, its a fun toy to play with, I love me some Wii Fit.

That being said I just showed her the 1:1 motion control tech demo from Sony's press conference and her jaw dropped. She said and I quote,

"That looks like its going to be a lot better than the Wii, when dose it come out?"

Now my wife is not a tech person or a hardcore gamer, she loves Mario, though she did play RE5 with me to my surprise. Anyway, if she can see the potential in this tech, what excuse to all these tech savvy people (not you guys above me) have for hating on it, none. If you don't have a PS3 you can always get off your ass and go buy one, its up to you.

Rainstorm813879d ago

To see how this tech will be implemented in hardcore games. I dont buy shovelware, i barely buy some of these sad excuses for games.

Terminator salvation & Damnation im talking to you! (others as well)

XxZxX3879d ago

it's coming up this spring 10, of course they have it. THey need to have it.

jaysquared3879d ago

Think this is a pretty cool but really what dev is going to spend their time on making games for this on a console that is CURRENTLY IN LAST PLACE when they can be working on the Wii which has over 50+ million consoles sold? I just dont see many developers jumping on when they can just work on the Wii.. I think this will be next Sixaxxis look how much that was implemented in games!! lol.. Sony just didn't want to be outdone by M$ or nintendo. I know this move was more to invite casual gamers in.. But no casual gamer is going to buy a $300+ console!

gaffyh3879d ago

Well it's kinda obvious that this was the case. The fact that the motion control tech from Sony will be available in Spring 2010 and MS' is coming late 2010 kinda shows that it is further along than you'd think.

Whenever Sony shows something, they always show old stuff, e.g. God of war 3 trailer they released, and everyone thought it looked like ass. But Jaffe had seen the 2nd better looking trailer months before that.

imo Sony's tech is the perfect bridge between Natal and Wii, it kinda makes WiiHD pointless. I can see a lot of problems occurring with Natal, the stuff they showed was obviously stuff they had already planned, so we don't know exactly how well it works until it is out.

I'm not going to get dragged into the hype for either product yet, they need to prove themselves.

ChozenWoan3879d ago

Seems Sony's tech has been out since at least March this year.

Check the link

that thing looks great. Now we just need a good name for it. I vote for PSLightstick. Why? It's a stick that uses light to aid tracking. Plus PSLightsaber would likely get Sony sued big time. And yes I'm repeating myself with this, but it really needs a good name.

Ju3879d ago

Spring 2010, eh ? Like that spring when GoW3 comes out ? Tossing some blades. That would be the right kind of introduction, huh ?

dcbronco3879d ago

What information did you and no one else receive on the cost of the MS device. All of the technology in the device has been in the market for ten years at least. Plus the company MS bought recently with everything but the mic said the tech would be no more than the EyeToy. Considering what MS paid for the company and what that small company could offer it for, I'm sure MS could do the same. MS just improved on the programming for their system.

@40 Cal

Did you explain to your wife that Wii MotionPlus provided that same 1:1 motion detection. Or were you just trying to push her to the PS3.

rockleex3879d ago

The point is Sony's presentation already showed how effective the motion controller can be used for hardcore games.

Therefore the $399 console would be able to reach hardcore gamers who want new ways to play their favorite games.

While Natal was displayed with casual games only. Milo was nothing more than Eyepet but with a boy instead.

So far it seems Sony has the better approach.

FamilyGuy3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Sony should call this thing

Since people are calling it dildo-looking anyways.

Another option (sexier)


"Other dimension"
one to one "1:1"
Follow Me
Get Virtual
true tracker
something japanese.

rockleex3879d ago

Quick and easy way to get girls interested in the PS3. ^_-

And then bundle in a game like Rez. O_O

They should name the controller: Woman's Best Friend


40cal3879d ago

We watched all 3 conferences, she was just more impressed with Sony's tech demo than Nintendo's games? I guess. I don't know I'll ask her though.

Oh, and why would I push my wife towards the PS3? We already have one. I game we both love movies so it just made sense. Besides I have no shame in admitting that she is a hell of a lot smarter than I am. LOL

dcbronco3878d ago

If more people had that much character there would be far fewer problems.

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Ninjamonkey3879d ago


sony really has done well getting this going. Its also good that theyve given it to their devs, hopefully they'll make one of their 1st party devs to make an awesome game using this tech

Why o why3879d ago

Im sure some studios are working with it as we speak.

ultimolu3879d ago

They have been doing well, and I hope it continues-wait, I *know* it'll continue.

Sony has made us happy gamers.

Speaking of happy, I was on Cloud Nine with that Uncharted 2 beta last night.

Off the freakin' hook! o.o

raztad3879d ago

Yeah baby! UC2 beta is awesome!! and this is a damn beta. With our help it should be even more polished.

Regarding motion tracking tech. Its cool to have it, EyePet is looking amazing but still casual. I need to see some more core gaming with these new tech. Btw, I dont want to work out each time I'm going to play a game.

SuperM3879d ago

I can almost guarantee you that Sony London Studios is cooking up several goodies for this control as we speak.

rockleex3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Eyetoy/PS Eye games have been made by small software studios that don't really make games.

This generation Sony has tons of 1st party devs available, so I hope they actually use REAL devs to make motion controller games.

The most important thing is to get 1st parties to make some awesome hardcore motion controller games to get the ball rolling.

Microsoft was smart, they announced Natal along with a presentation of Milo... a hardcore game that is accessible to everyone.

When Sony announced Eyetoy and PS Eye, they only showed casual games. Luckily with the motion controller, they showed it off using hardcore gaming aspects. But it would have been MUCH more impressive if they showed off a hardcore game instead of hardcore tech demos.

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ryuzu3879d ago

I imagine the quickest way to get these into peoples hands is to patch existing games to use them.

Probably be a while before we see a killer app for the Sony or MS stuff - if at all.


Ischan3879d ago, who would've thought ?
Interesting to see how this racing goes....