What really happened to the Dreamcast

We have heard how great a system the dreamcast was and how hardware wise it was superior to the ps2. Then why did it fail? Will Sony's fate end like Dreamcasts? Only time will tell

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LK6528d ago


shotty6528d ago

Serously if MS didn't make a console, Nintendo would have wound up like Sega.

Aflac6528d ago

Seriously, a company spreading lies about its competitors should be liable to be sued dry. This article, or one just like it should be posted all over news sites and papers and on news shows. the whole world has the right to know that sony uses truly evil tactics that should be outlawed.

OutLaw6528d ago (Edited 6528d ago )

The system was a good system with games like Powerstone 1&2 Panzer Dragoon, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Ready2Rumble and so on. It was just bad timing. When Sega came out with the Saturn they didn't support it properly. So when they came out with the Dreamcast the Saturn was still on peoples minds. That's what I think contribute to the failure of the Dreamcast. Because as for the graphics I feel the Dreamcast had better graphics then the PS2 at the time. It's just one of those things that happen. I guess we will never know for sure... Now to the Sony side of things. They are a ruthless company who didn't care if we gotten broken systems or not as long as they was top dog. But what make things even more stupid is how store owners let them bully them and Sega till this day make games for them. Let Bill Gates do that and the government will have his ass for Monopolizing. I do want a PS3 but I have to say at what cost. There is a limit that the consumers should go through. What happen to a lemon law or a recall. How about protecting the consumer from this. The world is a funny place.

TheMART6528d ago

I think the PS3 will be the PSZero this time. I rather would have the XBOX 1.5 then by Sony's and Sony Fanboys words!