Mr. Bean Coming To The PS2

Blast! Have announced a deal to bring an exclusive new Mr. Bean related video game to the Playstation 2.

Following the massive success of the new Mr. Bean movie which opened on March 30th, Blast! Have announced a partnership with Tiger Aspect Productions to bring a brand new Mr. Bean centric video game to the Playstation 2

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Neutral Gamer4269d ago

Gaming nirvana will soon be mine - these are the kind of high quality games I look forward to playing on my consoles.

Game of the Year, surely?

Approve this quick, a lot of people have been waiting to hear this ... (!)

Black Republican4269d ago


aahhhhh one bubble well spent.

MySwordIsHeavenly4269d ago

I love Mr. Bean! The show and movie were both freakin' sweet. Peter McNickle was an amazing choice for the dad. Anyone else think so?

I LOVE Rowan Atkinson!

silent ninja4269d ago

mr bean brings back good memories of when i was kid

one of the best comedies

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