Sony PSP Go pre-order sales slide up 500% at retail

Advanced sales for Sony Corp.'s PSP Go increased more than 500 percent after availability at retail.

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ThatCanadianGuy3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Wow! Err..i'll wait until it's closer to launch before i make any pre-orders tho.

Really excited for MGS: Peace walker.It's going to be great!

digger183889d ago

Maybe it's not too expensive if sales are rocketing.

Panthers3889d ago

When people stop preordering...

When I get the dough, I will pick this up. So sleek.

raztad3889d ago

I'm glad for Sony. PSP Go is a beautiful piece of tech. I want one, but I dont need one. I got my PSP-2000 and that is enough for me. Now some titles I want (from the top of my head) Peace Walker, Soul Calibur, Persona, Disiidia:FF, LBP:PSP. Wow, a lot of money if I include PS3 games. WTH? I cant afford all of them.

Rainstorm813889d ago

made me finally want a PSP not really into handhelds but to me with its digital distribution that pushed it over the edge for me.

Gran turismo
MGS:PW and so much more. yep early christmas for me,

eagle213889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

PSP is over 50 million sold, 15 million in 2008. Sony sold 35 million playstation brand hardware in 2008.

PSP Go! is launching with Gran Turismo. GRAN Expect over 1 million Go!'s selling worldwide in week 1. Japan will buy them in ship loads. It's only $80 more than DSi with way better features like 16 GB's, bluetooth, better line-up, etc. This will be mine. :)

BRG90003889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

I'm confused... isn't this article basically saying preorders are up 500% over when it wasn't available to preorder? That's not terribly informative or impressive.

EDIT: Would you disagreers explain what this article means then? It sounds like it's saying "Now that PSP-Go is available for preorder, people are preordering it 500% more than when it wasn't available for preorder!" That is a completely meaningless statistic...

Sarcasm3889d ago

Well if people factor in the 16gb flash memory, blue tooth support, better screen (supposedly), it's about the same price as the PSP-3000.

16gb memory stick pro duo goes for about $73 on amazon.

PSP-3000 is $169.

$169 + $73 = $242.

$8 difference than a PSP Go.

So I think people are just having a knee-jerk reaction to the PSP Go's pricing. But if you sit down and break down the price logically, it's not much more than the PSP's out now.

Now, I think I'm going to get a PSP Go.

Rainstorm813889d ago

you know people dont look at things logicaly or people wouldve been seen the value in the ps3. Consumers act like they need to be told what to buy

FamilyGuy3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

How can you multiply by zero and get a number? Physics being broken is the bigger story here.

I'm getting one, %100

"The final product will be 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000."
Nope, it should say 1000 not 3000. i was very focused on that when they were describing it as being lighter.

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Jockamo3889d ago

I'm really looking forward to getting a PSPGo! Peace Walker will be amazing! It's just so wonderful that Sony can make such amazing games portable!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3889d ago

Excellent news.The PSP GO will be another success for Sony this year as the PS3 continues to send steamrollers over the 360 again and again

bjornbear3889d ago

Geezus...well sony did explain the price, its for techy people willing to pay..once the 1st sales are done, they'll put down the price easily =) Actually, I predict when this is out, ps3 gets price cut, and then this gets price cut when new ps3 slim comes, it'd be constantly readdressing and incentivating new buyers.

Still, not worth it imo too $$ =(

CSM-101e3889d ago

If I work enough to buy all the s#it I want I won't have the time to play.

Unless, of course, I just get slack. (Grown-up side note: I used to think working for yourself meant working for YOURSELF; it actually means working for everyone ELSE. )

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The story is too old to be commented.