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KionicWarlord2223422d ago

It looks amazing. That track pic was nice.

Mr_Controversy3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

OMGzZ, the tires alone look better than the entire PSP Turismo Game! XD

StanLee3422d ago

The game looks amazing. The car customizations and video editor may be the biggest selling points of this game.

Elvfam5113422d ago

"OMGzZ, the tires alone look better than the entire PSP Turismo Game! XD"

damn you need forza 3 to be compare with a psp game which graphics all that great good job

anyways the screenshots look crazy

Billabong3422d ago

Looking good! Best looking game on 360 to date I reckon!

^ no need to bash GT PSP.. that IS a PSP game after all, though still looks fantastic - what do you expect, PS3 graphics on the PSP?

JokesOnYou3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

It does look amazing now I'm just hoping the custimization, physics and gameplay are on par with Forza2, if so I will sacrifice at least $60 to the Racing Gods for their Glorious blessings.

Seeing is believing:


GVON3422d ago

I said a few months or so ago the had too at least match GT5p,if they couldn't match a game from 07 then questions would need to be asked.
I think they've more or less done it,only having 8 cars (still not heard if it's more) and 720p helps but I like what I see.

XGRaViSmOrSX3422d ago

oh look more photo mode shots.....

GVON3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Yeah it is photomode,so you do get AA and stuff added,but it's no different than what PD did with the GT5 trailer.

Xi3422d ago

The replay video's in GT are the same as the photo mode pictures in forza. GT brings the frame rate down to 30 fps to help make the models look even better.

Neither this (for forza), or the GT videos are proper representations fo what the actual driving looks like.

marinelife93422d ago

Pics are okay. Doesn't even look that good in motion.

Daz3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )


In every racing game photo mode, or replays makes the game look better. But saying the pics are ok, i dont know what people want these days.

BUt its look really good in action.

DailyAddict3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

For those that went to E3 (including myself) don't try to compare replay shots (as most of these are) with ingame shots. The replay editor has a much smoother graphics profile than the ingame (in the same way that Gran Turismo's picture mode has much cleaner shots than in game) because the replay isn't rendering physics or whatnot.

That's why I never judge graphics performance of Gran Turismo and Forza from the replay shots (which is the ones they always show the most) because they are a bit misleading.

The game still looks amazing, but it's not even close to what the replay shots try to make it out to be.

3422d ago
7ero H3LL3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

does GT even have little details like bits of growth of grass growing on the pavement like this.

i know they got nice detail on their cars with high polygon counts but do they have other small things that makes an image complete, even the hdr lighting is breath taking.

GVON3422d ago (Edited 3422d ago )

Not quite that kind of grass,but does have something similar.


Sorry can't find any bigger pics for you

It's got a cool effect when you drive past though,the move quite realistically

marinelife93422d ago

Look at the gameplay videos of the Forza 3 vs just GT5 Prologue. That's all I'm sayin.

JOLLY13422d ago

for an off-screen vid that looked fantastic! Thanks.

beardpapa3422d ago

Would be nice if FOR JUST ONE DAY users on n4g didn't have to bring up the obvious competitor's game into an article that's not even meant as flame bait.

Come on, these are FM3 pics. Don't/Shouldn't have to bring up the other racing game. I know FM3 will be day-1 purchase for me.

Now if only Bizarre can grant me my wish and bring us PGR5 ;-D

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3422d ago

Looks like garbage.They think this will compete against Gran Turismo 5? It can't even compare with Mario Kart Wii

Daz3422d ago

lamo, what ever makes you fill better.

Mr_Controversy3422d ago

LMFAO! GT 5 is still in Beta. On top of that, GT has been on the emergency brake for a while now.

Simon_Brezhnev3422d ago

im a ps3 fanboy but your the funniest one lmao

theKiller3422d ago

they look like plastic cars with high details!! thats being honest!!!!

all colors are so shiny like glass or plastic!!! so unreal!!!

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JOLLY13422d ago

Those screens look fantastic!

JOLLY13422d ago

So you agree that Forza looks great...

JOLLY13422d ago

It would be a dream for you to acknowledge how good a game looks that isn't on "your" console.

imabeast483422d ago

i actually think that forza looks great. but gt5 still looks better. and it always will so just get used to it

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Sonyslave33422d ago

forza 3 is coming out this year so how the hell can it compete with GT5 if GT5 don't even have a release date.

imabeast483422d ago

actually it should come out this year. did you read the article that said that pd could release the game whenever they want? that pretty much means the release date will be soon

Ninjamonkey3422d ago

Looking very nice. Though these are not gameplay, this is from the video making thing which do touch up the photoes a bit.

Still looks brillaint 9Id say phenominal but then what do you call GT5???)

JOLLY13422d ago

I'd call gt half eye candy. Wonderful car models and not so wonderful environments.

PotNoodle3422d ago

I'm a massive GT fan, but i'll agree - the enviroments have never been GT's strongest point - though, in the latest E3 trailer, they look like they have improved on them alot.

Anyway, i'll almost certainly be getting Forza 3 on release now that there isn't an 09 release date (so far) for GT5, it looks great.

XGRaViSmOrSX3422d ago

it doesnt have amazing envionments because of the high detail of the car models and the 16 cars on the track at one time. gotta cut those assets somewhere.

Xi3422d ago

Looks pretty much the same as forza 3 during gameplay. The video mode really cleans up GT quite a bit.

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