Eurogamer Interview: Microsoft's John Schappert

Xbox boss Don Mattrick was washing his hair when Eurogamer came to call at E3 this year - perhaps wary of spectacularly putting his foot in it again - but Eurogamer's Oli Welsh did get to speak to the affable John Schappert, boss of Live and services, about the company's various announcements, including Natal (yes, again), the games-on-demand service and other Xbox subjects. What does 'exclusive' even mean these days, for example? Read on to find out what Schappert reckons.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3426d ago

So this is the man who took Micro$oft into a nosedive for failure?
I guess he and "Poppa" Greenberg are discussing their fantasies with Milo.Its so sad they don't put that attention into making good games,only flops

KionicWarlord2223426d ago

20 million live members? wow thats alot. But its cool that they have this many members. i guess like john schappert said there trying to get the other 10 million.