23 Games that will be banned in Germany

Right now the German interior ministers discuss a ban of the so called "Killerspiele" killergames. The german website put up a gallery with games that will be banned in Germany, if killergames are going to be banned. Very interesting.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3887d ago

They should ban all 360 games and hardware.The systems are faulty and have a higher percentage of rotting your brain with boredom.

lancer88693887d ago

Idiot. How aren't you banned yet? Your fanboyism makes you look like a child.

Ghoul3887d ago

bs article, pcaction is getting worse bye the minute.

1.the term "killerspiele" isnt even valid
2.such a ban is highly unlikely
3.we have the strictest rules on games in the world allready
4.some of those games arent even under the "rules" that a ban would cover.

instead of actively working against this populism politicians, they make a childish article...

narked3887d ago

like you said this is highly unlikely. wtf? that would really suck and it's not fair in any way. i say bs, but if it happens there will be alot of germans going abroad lol.

Bleckso1233887d ago

All "Killergames" will be banned, and no more "killergames" will be released in germany. And no production! That does mean: No Crytek-> no Crysis 2.

Ghoul3887d ago

well maybe its because im a bit older, a ban based on a term like killerspiele is highly highly unlikely and pure attention grabbing bye our looser politicians bevor elections start.

sawn, ignored, moved on.

Captain Tuttle3887d ago

Thanks for the insight.


Pandamobile3887d ago

Crytek has a couple of studios. One in Germany, one in Hungary and one in the UK.

Johandevries3886d ago

Don't forget Crysis Black Sea, in Bulgaria. Previously known as Black Sea Studios, the developer created the well-received games Knights of Honor and WorldShift. I am really conscious to know what they are developing right now.

Pandamobile3885d ago

Why the hell are you retards disagreeing with me. Look it up...

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Ninjamonkey3887d ago

If germany bans these games itll just mean dev studios there will move to another country, or shut down.

Either way, germany looses money on an industry bigger than the film industry. Sounds completely idiotic...

Elven63887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Germany is one of the biggest gaming markets in the world when it comes to PC gaming. The German government should work with game developers to develop criteria games have to meet certain requirements. Yes I do realize rules do currently exist but those were drafted decades ago,

For World War games at least, maybe the German government should start relaxing rules? For instance, if the game meets certain criteria when it comes to historical relevance it can pass. A game like Call of Duty probably won't meet these credentials but a game like lets say Velvet Assassin (Made by a German studio ironically) or Brothers in Arms which explores soldier relations, differentiate soldiers from criminals, etc could be sold?

This is technically done in Germany for films, a movie called "Stalingrad" (great film btw) shows the Battle of Stalingrad from the German perspective, it differentiates Nazi's from Germans, criminals from soldiers, etc on both sides (Russian/German). That movie was allowed to be sold in Germany despite its subject matter. Of course for games with fictional story lines it would be different but at least it's a start?

Captain Tuttle3887d ago

Although I guess you could consider the Germans lucky if the government bans "Legendary".

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