180° Confirmed Fee-Free

There has been a lot of speculation whether or not, Blizzard's updated online gaming network, would be a service players would have to pay for. Considering the new network has its very own development team, the thought isn't far off.

The first game to be made specifically for the new gaming network is StarCraft II, and the RTS Community Manager Kevin "Karune" Yu told fans that the network will NOT be charging anyone for use.

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Dorjan3516d ago

No suprise there!

GJ Blizzard!

Maticus3516d ago

At last, excellent news!

kuangtu3516d ago

well....there still may be some additional service for extra money

Leord3516d ago

True, like the WoW services. But those will most certainly be separate.

Cogo3516d ago

I can imagine they might charge extra for starting a tournament or league of a certain size. Small but existing thing. "Blizzard Points" or something.

Leord3516d ago

So happy to hear this, especially with no LAN for Diablo 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.