Stunning Lost Planet 2 trailer drops in

OXM: "We knew Capcom's shooter looked impressive before but this latest trailer shows that it's coming along nicely and looking as good as it ever has"

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Jockamo3475d ago

I'm really glad both platforms get to experience this game! I looks like an incredible addition to an already growing next generation of games coming from Capcom!

Lost Planet 2 will be a keeper!!

JokesOnYou3474d ago

Is bringing it hard, fcking sweet.


Blaze9293474d ago

but that trailer was freaking nice. This game is also looking to be shaping up quite nicely too and the 4p co-op sounds great. I'm interested.

Reibooi3474d ago

That looks incredible the amount of action going on at once is intense. It's like sensory overload. Certainly a day 1 buy for me Giant bosses and 4 player Co-op? whats not to love.

kewlkat0073474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I guess some can jump on the bandwagon now that Sony got got their confirmation. Never doubted this game since the announcement..

The sniper gun looked a little weak though..

raztad3474d ago

Trailer looks really really good! I'm impressed, well in fact I'm impressed since a shorter version of this very trailer was shown pre-E3. Really nice work Capcom. This level looks very KZ2-like, wow they are pretty close. IMO, LP2 > MS's E3 games.

FamilyGuy3474d ago

Is this the same trailer thats new on the PS Store?

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Looks like garbage...I just realized this is the inferior 3FIXME version.I guess I'll go find a trailer for Lost Planet 2 on real HD console,not a knock-off pretender like the 360

Why dis3474d ago

You're saying that because the PS3 version has not started development?

Dick03474d ago

this trailer looks beter than the whole ps3 game library

MGOelite3474d ago

uncharted 1 looked better lol

Montreafart3464d ago

Animations not on par with KZ2.

No real time lighting effects, particles effects not on par with KZ2, physics are non existant, no real time ray tracing, environment doesnt respond to you, no bullet hit detection like KZ2, textures are not on par with KZ2.

All these things and more...cant be done because the 360 is maxed to the limit.

I will thoroughly enjoy LP2 on the PS3 knowing PS3 has access to 99% of EVERY NEXT GEN GAME ON THE PLANET while 360 does not. Hahaha PS3 wins, 360 loses yet again.

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Bumpmapping3474d ago

This game looks like trash compared too Uncharted 2

rawd3474d ago

Lost Planet needs to stay lost

360 man3474d ago

yh and uncharted 2 looks like trash compared to splinter cell conviction

wats ur point

TheBand1t3474d ago

That's the funniest thing I've heard all day.

360 man3474d ago

uncharted 2 looks cartoony compared to the graphics of splintercell conviction

TheBand1t3474d ago

If by cartoony you mean being colorful.

Again, you're a funny guy.

Obama3474d ago

Uncharted 2 looks miles better than Splinter Cell. You must be retarded to think otherwise. No competition, stupid bot.

360 man3474d ago

u must be retarded u fake obama imitator

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no_more_trolling3474d ago

looks great. bubble up to everyone in this thread. de-bubble the trolls

Unicron3474d ago

Day 1 purchase for me. The co-op is what sold me.

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