The Top 10 Games of E3 2009

Up and coming blog, The Big Man and Garrett posts their review of E3 with a top 10 games list.

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BlackSpartan1873879d ago

I would of at least thought Mass Effect 2 would be on the list. Not surprise no Halo stuff, people are getting tired of Halo. After Halo reach, that would be 4 different Halo type games in one Generation in a Three year span. Splinter Cell look good too, that should of been on the list. But you have to give to Sony, they diffently have the best line up of exclusive games.

Qalbert3879d ago

Well, it was a matter of taste for us. Oh, this is Garrett, from the Big Man and Garrett btw. Shadow Complex was the only game that made the cut. Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect 2, L4D2, and Conviction all look to be great. I just had to make it into a top 10! There were many good games this year, and yes, I will agree that Sony has a fantastic lineup. It's a good time to own a PS3. :)