Since when was Metal Gear Rising a PS3 Exclusive?

Seriously, since when was MGS Rising a PS3 Exclusive? If I can recall correctly from watching the Microsoft conference, MGSR was announced as a 360 game at first and everyone thought it was exclusive to 360.

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Ghoul3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

exactly, but people love to spin.

i got one too.

konami destroyes mgs:risen on 360 announcement at e3! multiplatt confirmed!!!
sony makes ff13 steal from ms lastyear look foolish, ff14 on ps3 in 2010!

see what i did there ? its all about spinning.

MisterNiwa3449d ago

More like:

Microsoft steals Eyetoy exclusivity!!

La Chance3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

You guys can try to down play it as much as you want it doesnt change the fact that the PS3 community was expecting MGS to stay exclusive to the PS3.

You can act like you knew the franchize was going multiplat but thats not true.
You didnt know and are now pissed, hence all these articles to downplay the importance of MGS: Rising.

FF Versus is a just a spin off of FF13 but the funny thing is you guys are all over it....but I thought spin offs sucked ??

edit: ok not the PS3 community, I meant to say PS3 fboys.

Kojima may not be the director but he'll NEVER EVER let a MGS game from Kojima Productions not be at the same standards as the other MGS games and YOU KNOW IT.

I personally cant wait for this game and I bet 99% of MGS fans and and MGS4 owners will get Rising and run back home with excitement to play it.

Unicron3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

"You guys can try to down play it as much as you want it doesnt change the fact that the PS3 community was expecting MGS to stay exclusive to the PS3."

I'm so sick of people generalizing sh1t like this.

No, PS3 FANBOYS, not the community, FANBOYS, said it could never go anywhere. Most of us, ESPECIALLY many of we hardcore MGS fans, knew the series would eventually go multiplatform. It's the future of 3rd party development for all the obvious reasons. Hell, I've even said it in previous threads. I acknowledge all the time that development is changing as things get more expensive, and it's stupid to limit your fanbase.

But man, the trashy "Xbox community" loves to gloat ANYWAYS, even when it's a generally agreed upon fact. Pretty sad. I really don't know what's worse, the PS3 fanboys crying like babies, or the 360 fanboys acting like idiots per usual.

raztad3449d ago

@by chance

That is false. Everybody knows MS had a long time begging Kojima to make something for the 360. What people was expecting is MGS4 to stay exclusive (as it still is). A multiplat spinoff it what the 360 got (different gameplay btw). The real sequel you know where it is, on the PSP.

Ghoul3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

WRONG lachance

no mgs fan expected mgs to stay sony exclusive, in FACT it never was a sony only ip, releases on xbox1 gamecube wii ds etc.

mgs4 IS a ps3 exclusive and it will stay that way, and since you diehards didnt get that game witch you wanted so bad, you overhype mgs:risen to be on the 360 too. wich in fact was first announced for te 360 and later on confirmed a multipalt by konami. I still cant see where the so called "stolen exclusive" is.

but since your hardly a gamer but more of a diehard ms fan, i understand that you know little to nothing about the mgs history.

"FF Versus is a just a spin off of FF13 but the funny thing is you guys are all over it....but I thought spin offs sucked ?? "

well maybe us gamers didnt care about the ff13 multiplat announcement lastyear, and who said spinoffs suck ? i cant wait to play either games ff13 and mgs:risen. but you love to generalise and bash around, in fact i havent read a single constructive comment from you in weeks.

LeShin3449d ago

But what I think you meant to say was "The PS3 community was expecting MGS4 to stay exclusive to the PS3"

....and that hasn't and probably never will change......

hay3449d ago

Please people, stop this nonsense "war". It's what it is and "fighting" over it won't change a bit.

We all received lots of great announcements, games, hardware and software but for some people it's just not enough. Some of you are unhappy to a point where you're not able enjoy really great E3 this year, yeah it was really awesome to be honest, and what's even worse, you're trying to spoil it to other people.

Is being a gamer not enough anymore? What's this bull*hit all about?

La Chance3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Ive played and finshed every MGS that has ever come out since the day Im born (except for MGS4) including the PSP ones and the gamecube remake.

I'll be geting Rising day one and and wont diss it or downplay it simply because its not exclusive to the 360 or PS3.

@ghoul below: Im a student and cant afford and especially dont have the time for 2 consoles.Ive obviously played MGS4 but I havent finished it.

You know some people can spend 400eu for ONE SINGLE GAME, well I cant and I dont think its sensible to do such a thing.If the were other games on the PS3 that appeal to me as much as MGS 4 I would have one.Today that isnt the case.And with FF multiplat too I sure wont be getting the PS3 before a MAJOR price cut.

edit : wow looks some people know more than me what Ive played or not.

Ghoul3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

well lachance why do you spread false info then ??

if youre really a mgs fan why didnt you get mgs4 its incredible. oh wait i see, sorry i forgot its on the ps3 the system you love to bash out of no reason.

well i tend to believe you, but if its really true then you should start to choose your words a bit more carefully. Also the claim to have played all mgs games from start to finish is a bit bold. im a active gamer for 24 years now and cant make that statement allthough i played alot of the games.

Rainstorm813449d ago

Metal Gear SOLID - Tactical Espionage Action

this seems to be more like

Metal Gear Raiden - Lightning Bolt Action

I guess Raiden is a multiplat hero.

Viper73449d ago

It has been clear for many moths now that even if MGS4 was exclusive, the franchise MGS was not. If Konami would have guessed that X360 and Ps3 would be both selling this well I think they would have planned it multi platform from the very start.

Theres only few 3rd party games this generation which you can consider exclusive. Todays exclusives 3rd party exclusives seem to be more and more tomorrows multiplatform games.

Bioshock, Lost planet, Dead rising, Ninja gaiden, Tekken, Overlord, Saints row, Devil may cry, Armored core, Final fantasy + few other Rpg:s. Its very likely that this trend will continue.
Only things one can really call exclusives are the games published or developed by 1st or 2nd party. Other than that its actualy more likely that its timed exclusive.

Agent might be exclusive for Ps3, but how long? Final fantasy XIV is already looking at other platforms.

Darrius Cole3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

What happened is consistent with what Metal Gear Solid has always done. Metal Gear Solid has always gone multiplatform. But the other multi-plat releases were always nerfed is some way. Most often they were delayed releases. But Microsoft has so much money and they are so willing to spend it on one game that everybody expected Konomi would take their money and find some way to put MGS on 360.

However, what I did not expect was for Kojima to give the 360 MGS while at the same time not giving MGS to the 360. Sony gets an exclusive PSP game about Snake (all 4 of them) announced at the same time Sony makes a push to sell more PSP units. M$ gets cut in on a multi-plat game about Raiden. It was a brilliant move. 360 fans are happy that they have MGS:anything and PS3 fans are happy because they know that this game won't be as good as MGS4. The Konami execs are happy because they have Microsoft's money. Microsoft is happy because they can finally say the have MGS:something. Kojima-san is happy because he can go on telling the story of Metal Gear Solid on Sony platforms like he clearly wants to without everybody whining.

The big deal here is that Sony and Kojima owned all parties involved without the parties knowing it. Think about this for a second.....

How much bigger would it have been if MGS:Peace Walker had been the multi-platform game and MGS:Rising had been the PSP exclusive.....

It would have been a hundred times bigger. Instead 360 fans got owned because they don't get the true MGS sequel, and PS3 fans got owned because they don't get the true MGS sequel either, unless they buy a PSP.

morganfell3449d ago

Metal Gear is exclusive to Sony. You can name Rising anything you want. But it isn't Metal Gear. There was one Metal Gear game announced at E3 and that game is Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker. That is a Sony exclusive. No Big Boss, no Solid Snake = no Metal Gear.

PS - MGS4 is still a PS3 exclusive.

Unicron3449d ago

You know what's worse than people downplaying MGSR, when we know nothing about it?

Xbox fanboys downplaying MGS4. Sour grapes on both sides.

caladbolg7773449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

MGS: Rising is to Metal Gear Solid


Dirge of Cerberus is to Final Fantasy VII

DarK-SilV3449d ago

"FF Versus is a just a spin off of FF13 but the funny thing is you guys are all over it....but I thought spin offs sucked ??"

Where did you get that from??? FFvs13 is not a spin off, it’s a full game, it has nothing to do with FF13,
it has its own story and style, check your info again

Alvadr3449d ago

I certainly didnt expect MGS to stay PS3 exclusive. They managed to lock down MGS4 which is great but im pritty sure most people expected the next MGS game to be multi.

gintoki7773449d ago

wait wait wait nobody said it was ps3 exclusive 0.0 it was announced at microsoft press conference first.
so what the hell is the point of this article 0.0

Serg3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Kojima complained about the DL Bluray not beeing enough for MGS4 already, when a MGS5 is announced it will stay on the PS3, if Bluray isn't enough for Kojima, what makes you think that from now on a DVD would be? Kojima already raped MS during the Sony conference when he stressed that the PSP game Peace walker is a true sequel, not a spin off, the MGS4 team is working on it and he is deeply involved, while Rising is beeing developed by the freshmen of Kojima Productions. A MGS game without Kojima isn't worth the attention.

The way I see it he just refuses to cut his masterpiece into DVD sized crap so he stays out of it to lessen the pain. Konami drove the multiplatform announcement but Kojima refuses to go along with it. It was strictly a business decision.

xwabbit3449d ago

On Topic: I DK

Off Topic: la chance i want to tell u that i don't forget about u and i did not murder him everyday when i pray. Hope u get better soon

ultimolu3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

La Chance, and you fail to realize that MGS4 is *still* on the PS3 and MGS: Rising is a spinoff of the series. 360b fanboys wanted MGS4 on the 360 but instead they got this.

And it's multiplatform!

I'm sure PS3 fans are crying now! -_-

Your disagrees change nothing and I laugh at all of you.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

well, first off, the mgs series is more guarantied to the Playstation than it is with any other console, fact.

the only reason why some people thought mgsr was 360 exclusive was cause Microsoft called it first. but the fact of the matter was they only called it first cause Microsoft's E3 was before all the other companies, and so what went down as Microsoft "supposedly" losing an exclusive was never really a loss in the first place, and that's what people actually failed to see.

MS never said it was exclusive and the mgs series was never guarantied to Microsoft in the first place, and so this e3 microsoft (or konami) just wanted to show that the some of the mgs franchise can sprinkle on to other consoles. ( in any sense i wouldn't be surprised to see nintendo getting something as well, twin snakes and super smash bothers were nice nintendo games)

SuperM3449d ago

lol @ lachance. He magically knows that every PS3 owner is pissed. If MGS:R is a good game ill buy it. But there is a reason MGS4 was such a masterpiece. It was made by Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions. MGS:R is not, so my hopes for the game are not as high. If MGS5 was announced multiplatform i would probably be abit disappointed just for the fact that it might get watered down to fit on a reasonable amount of DVD9s. I want MGS5 to be an exclusive for the sole purpose of being a better game then if it went multiplatform.

solidt123449d ago

Good article. IF anything Sony stole it from Microsoft because it was announced for the 360 first then for the PS3. Either way it is all stupid, it is simply a Multi-platform game that Microsoft tried to make look like a big deal exclusive when it is not. Microsoft failed on that attempt while The PSP gets the real next chapeter in the Metal Gear Saga. Either way i am still excited for Rising but Microsoft just made themselves look stupid.

Jaces3449d ago

Couldn't have said it better.

evrfighter3449d ago

"I'm sure PS3 fans are crying now! -_- "

well you're here replying right?

now stop crying and fold me a chicken wrap.

callahan093448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

@ La Chance:

All Final Fantasy games are spin-offs. Each one has brand new characters, stories, worlds, and play mechanics. Just because they're all called Final Fantasy with the next number tacked on at the end doesn't make it a part of an ongoing universe. I mean, compare Final Fantasy XII to XI to X. Those 3 games are about as different as possible while still staying within the "RPG" genre. Completely different worlds, characters and stories, and the play mechanics are VASTLY different from each other, with one of them being an MMO. So I don't think it's fair to brush off Versus because it's not simply called Final Fantasy with a number at the end. It's not like it's some cash-in side-story developed by nobodies in the Square-Enix offices like Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus or something. It's a new and distinct project with unique characters, story, and mechanics just like FF XIII is, and it's being headed up by the man behind Kingdom Hearts and many beloved Final Fantasy character creations: he's proven himself, and his work always measures up.

Serg3448d ago

I am not much of a Final Fantasy fan, in fact, the only Final Fantasy I liked was VIII (8), maybe because it's the only Final Fantasy to date that had a 16+ rating, that's why I am excited for Versus XIII because they said it'll be rated 18+. But I do wonder why they haven't showed anything at E3, I sure hope not because they stalled the developement because of the 360 version of XIII...

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3449d ago

No one gives a rats ass.The xbots will be too busy playing with little boys like Milo and Gay Tony.Maybe Natal will have virtual issues to wipe away the xbot tears

bullswar3449d ago

Its sad ... that as time will pass ... many more PS3 games eventually will lose their exclusivity to Xbox 360. Its just a matter of time.

digger183449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

And same the other way around. Microsoft have been losing exclusivity on quite a few games and more to come.

It doesn't pay for third party dev's to stay exclusive any more.

Most of the new exclusive games coming out for the PS3 are first and second party, so Microsoft will never get their hands on them.


we get to play it a year in advance , like we give a fk . bots can have all the metal gear . one exclusive goes out 3 more are develop by the biggest first party studios the industry have ever seen. so bots have it am already done playing it .

AssassinHD3449d ago

Actually what is left to take? The first and second party exclusives are not going anywhere.

kewlkat0073449d ago

Give it a rest and move on guys/gals..