Microsoft: Project Natal Can Support Multiple Players, See Fingers

Earlier this week Microsoft let me try Project Natal in a hotel suite where test-versions of the new gaming sensor array was set up. Three times, I thought I found a flaw in the systems.

I thought the system, as impressive as it was in letting me play kickball with virtual balls on a TV and no controllers on my body, might not be able to handle multi-player gaming.

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La Chance3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Sure has a lot of potential.

I'll be a sure buyer if they can use this for hardcore games.

Cant believe some people like pennywise below think an improved version of the wiimote called the "motion controller" is sooooo much cooler, innovative, and has more potentiel.

edit : nope just modified my comment.
by the way are you the N4G police lol ??

Pennywise3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

This is way cooler! The camera can see fingers. Imagine that, a camera taking in footage of your whole body can see fingers separate from your hands. This is ground breaking. They should make this for practical use too. These current camcorders make me look like Mickey Mouse with big bulky hands with no finger details.

Color me impressed.

Way to stealth edit La Chance... you werent bashing Sony's motion controllers or anything.

ActionBastard3882d ago

It has buttons. Using an air steering wheel is just...lame.

The Meerkat3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Then use a plate, or an old steering wheel from a car, or the lid from a paint pot. Some people just don't seem to be able to grasp how significant this tech is.

You could even use a PS2 steering wheel.

green3882d ago

Or use your standard controller, no one is stopping you.

fear883882d ago

This paragraph is priceless.

"I thought Project Natal might be good for reading big body movements but not for finer finger movements."

"Theoretically, I got that wrong too, Tsunoda told me, though he didn't have a way to prove it to me there. The stick-figure skeletons that Natal recognize us as did not have fingers. Each one had a short stick for each hand. I saw no fingers, so I assumed it could not see my fingers. There seemed to be no way for Natal to know, say, how many fingers I was holding up. If it could, then it could maybe read hand signs issued to squadmates in military first-person shooters. I questioned Natal's ability to detect those finer movements. Tsunoda said that such detection was possible, though the sensitivity would be different at different distances. He thought my fingers idea was do-able."

Trollimite3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

that $hit is impossible! some of the worlds most advanced cameras can barely track more than one face at a time!

and you mean to tell me natal(a video game console camera) can track 20 or more fingers!

edit: after reading mabey it can, but it sure wont be cost effective!

edit again: i retract my last statement that $hit is impossible

ActionBastard3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

What's the point of the tech, if I can just use what I already have? If the rebuttal is "Use a steering wheel" or "Use your controller", then those things are stopping me from Natal. Yes, it's cool. But I don't see it as practical in its applications as Nintendo or Sony. And don't forget price...if you think a device with 3 cameras and 2 processors is going to be $50 or even $100, you're in for a surprise.

Almost forgot..."Use a plate"....LMFAO.

All-33882d ago

Tsk Tsk Tsk... such a silly boy.

Seeing fingers as it relates to gameplay controls.

The camera in concert with the software programming that the built-in processor works with. The tech demo wasn't set up to include fingers in the software programming for gameplay control. Duhhh!

Serg3882d ago

Sony's motion controllers aren't that innovative, but they can be used for hardcore games, as they combine a standart gamepad with motion sensing, please describe to me, how are you going to play an FPS, an adventure, an RPG with just a camera, no way without any kind of buttons. The Wiimote has been used for FPS games, but, it's the Wii, if Sony would show me a fantasy game where I can use the motion controllers to control the characters arms and do damage based on collision detection, not scripted moves, I'm sold.

PS: The on-paper prototype of Sony's motion wand has an analog stick and the standard gamepad buttons. I own all PlayStation consoles but if they really show me something hardcore with this thing, I would actually buy a PSEye and those controllers, before that the EyeToy was like what Natal is about to become, a casual toy.

lokiroo4203882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Sh!t cant even track a leg, lmao, track every finger, gtfo M$hat, lies til the day they are gone from this world.

danofpaco3882d ago

Who says you can't use a controller at the same time natal is tracking your head movements, peeking around corners etc...?

phosphor1123882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I will create an example in photoshop.

Ok, the way IR will work for depth is that the brighter the object is, the closer it is, simply because it will detect the reflected IR light. It's kind of like how "nightshot" for video cameras work. The use an IR.

Anyway, this picture will show that the blackspace between fingers allows them to be "seen" while if someone had their hand together, fingers cannot be "seen". So while their statement was correct, it CAN see fingers, it wont be able to detect discrepancies in movement.

lokiroo4203882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

If your going to use natal to peek around corners then your not going to be looking at the screen are you, so that fails before it begins.


so as long as you keep your palms facing completely at the camera you should be good, have them at a slight angle, youve got the glove scenario, again its too much to try to achieve, theyre blowing steam up everyones a$$es.

danofpaco3882d ago

What are you talking about? Move neck to the side and the camera follows suit?! That doesn't appeal to you at all? All while holding the controller? I think they could do some cool things with this if used in subtle effective manners. I don't need Wii Bowling 2.0.

lokiroo4203882d ago

1st how do you move your neck to the side, if you meant tilting your head, no i dont want my head tilted while playing, turning your head like i said takes your eyes off the screen, again no thnaks.

Arnon3882d ago

We knew you were stupid, but not that stupid. Go to the open zone. You're junk is good there.

SuperM3882d ago

Well it just so happen to be that even Wii-motion + should be better for use in hardcore games then project Natal, so i dont see what you are lolling at. Btw we all know that if Sony announcend Natal and MS announced the PS motion control you would be all over the motion control and say how Natal only could be used in casual games etc etc

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Spike473882d ago

this is basically the eyetoy, just improved, it is not the second coming, I'm sorry.

La Chance3882d ago

"this is basically the eyetoy, just improved,"

So whats Sony's motion controller then ????

Xi3882d ago

Is like calling forumla 1 improved go karts.

Raf1k13882d ago

i'd say the Sony's motion controller is an adaptation of the usual motion sensing technology used for motion capture that should work pretty well with games.

I think both a great tbh. Sony's is better for use during combat gameplay while MS's is better for RPG like games where conversations with NPCs is required

Omega43882d ago


I will be really interested to see how much this costs when it releases cause this tech seems way WAY to advanced to be brought on a budget.

Hopefully the reason they bought that motion tech company was so that they could make Natal on the cheap.

Raf1k13882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

apparently the motion tech company has nothing to do with Natal :S

believe that if u can lol. i certainly dont

edit: you are right though. technology sophisticated enough to sense individual fingers would be pretty expensive. maybe it can sense fingers up to a certain distance away from the camera as the further away you get the harder it is too sense them

Xbots3882d ago

Is it possible to scan my penis & upload it to Milo's butt........

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Foxgod kept pleading for that and I'm pretty sure he will be granted his wish.When it comes to pedophile gaming Microsoft delivers.So sad they can't deliver 1080p games,reliable consoles,good get my point.

Mo0eY3882d ago

Bubbles for you both.

Foliage3882d ago

"Three times, I thought I found a flaw in the systems."

Kotaku's lazy biased "reporting" strikes again.

Hey look at this glaring flaw:

Obama3882d ago

no but they say you can see fingers, so apparently 360 owners can use fingers to do some very naughty things.

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KionicWarlord2223882d ago

fingers...What the hell? Why does every person who demos natal got to hype me up.

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