Next-gen must deliver "qualitative difference" - Blade

Blade Interactive, developer of World Snooker Championship, believes that expensive next-generation consoles must provide a significant "qualitative difference" - and this is precisely what they aim to deliver with new title Hydrophobia.

"What people want - and I don't care whether it's a new console or a new handset - they want a reason and an endorsement of why they have bought that technology," says Blade's joint managing director Peter Jones, speaking to

"They want to feel the reason why they have spent over GBP 400 on a PlayStation 3 or almost GBP 300 on a Xbox 360. They don't just want another first-person shooter. They want to have a qualitative difference.

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gta_cb4273d ago

true, and i feel as though i have got a worth while system (XBox 360) and i enjoy playing it every day.

as for the PS3... well you prob seen some of my other comments but here we go again, i will buy one in the future when i can afford it. but atm i can honestly say, i dont mind just having the 360 cos its a great system

MikeGdaGod4273d ago

i didn't see much of a difference until Dead Rising and Gears on 360. Motorstorm and Virtua Fighter are great examples of what is to come from the ps3.

THAMMER14273d ago

Are just saying that or do you really not see a differece. Gears is still the best looking console game out to date. So I guess your just being a hater. Dead Rising looks better than anything from last gen. We need to stop this BS.

MikeGdaGod4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

i'm saying the games that came out before Dead Rising didn't seem very next-gen to me at the time. i love Dead Rising and Gears. i'm just saying if you talk about next-gen looking games, those are the two i look to on 360. nothing else really impressed me. Oblivion would've, but i didn't buy it for 360. you misunderstood

THAMMER14273d ago

My bad. You were reffering directly to the article.

falcontri you need to speak for your self.

TheMART4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

You didn't see next gen untill Dead Rising/Gears?

Did you have your eyes shut?

FNR3 I have them on both systems XBOX and 360. The 360 version is next gen. No doubt about it. Couldn't have been done on last gen like that!

Oblivion indeed. Next gen.

COD2, you can say whatever you want, PC port or not. I've not seen them this sharp and this good on my old consoles.

'Real' next gen in my opinion started with GRAW 1. And I think many will feel the same about that one.

PGR3? With the TV channel stuff and the total graphics? Next gen to me dude.

THere is much, much more then the two you mentioned, before that the summer of 2006 even.

@ Scottie (below)

Ofcourse, everyone has it's own opinion as do you.

But if you say GRAW 1 isn't next gen and GRAW 2 is, I don't know how you view them.

I mean, visually, GRAW 2 excells in explosions. But the other graphics in GRAW 1 had the same kind of stunning effect. It couldn't be your game, but about the whole gaming world said that next gen started with GRAW 1 not just me...

But well, enjoy zombie slashing and locust sawing though ofcourse

MikeGdaGod4273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

i said TO ME. those games you mentioned are alright, but not something i really got hyped about.

TO ME, Dead Rising was the first game i was like, WOW, look at that! that can't be done on a last-gen console. everything else was alright but it didn't take the idea outta my head that the ps3 would soon out do the 360, in terms of overall satisfaction i get outta the systems.

i admit to being bias towards the 360 when it first came out, but i still bought one because i think it deserves a shot. now that i've had it for a while, i can honestly say it hasn't impressed me the way it has you. not trying to down it, alot of people would agree that the true next gen looking games are just arriving. GRAW1 was alright, GRAW2 is f*cking crazy. see what i mean?

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kewlkat0074273d ago (Edited 4273d ago )

can make a case for every aspect of a game, whether they feel like it's Next-Gen or not.


Is there a game out right now that demonstrates everything Considered Next-Gen, that I just posted? Probably not...but do some of the games out right now demonstrate some of the Next-Gen qualities, "Fa Shizzle Dizzle".

I think the term "NEXT-GEN COMPLETE" should apply if a game demonstrates all the Qualities above.

Then again Fanboys will always skew what Next-Gen is suppose to be like so, it's better to listen to a developer.

If a game is taking advantage of the Next-Gen Hardware that was not capable on Old-Gen hardware then why should it not be Next-Gen? Well Technically speaking, should Ports count aswell?

Ninja Gaiden-XBOX VS Ninja Gaiden on PS3.

Says you4273d ago

Looked that great is because of Unreal Engine 3 not even the XBox 360 could do those graphics all by itself since people are dumb enough to compare that to Resistance Fall of Man. when Resistance Fall of Man is a FPS and Gears of War is a 3rd person shooter and of course Gears of War is using stream text.

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