Yeah, I'm a girl...and a gamer

TE writes: "I bump into countless people who are still shocked to learn that, yes, I play video games and yes, I read Game Informer Magazine. I watch anime (Naruto is my favorite; I own every season) and – wait for it – I've even been to multiple LAN parties. I don't know why they're shocked; maybe they assume the girls who play video games aren't the same girls who wear dresses and makeup or paint their toenails.

But here I am, proof such girls can, in fact, be one and the same."

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ThatCanadianGuy3878d ago

There's alot more women playing games these days.Hell, 40% of the people on my friend list's are women.

It's a nice change of pace compared to the massive sausage fest's some games can be.The only con is the sad, pathetic, individuals who hound the poor girls to death..

MisterNiwa3878d ago

Uhhh, okay? Buy yourself an icecream "GAMER GIRL"...

Is that really that strange that Girls are also Gamers?

I love video games3878d ago

who cares if you a girl? why is that a big deal? chicks have hands and eyes so yes they too can play video games. i hate playing with chicks because 90% of them demean themselves "im a girl and i killed you", dumbass broads

ThatCanadianGuy3878d ago

I have no idea why you two both replied to ME with your little self-indulging rants..but, ooook !

phosphor1123878d ago

I don't go out of my way to say "hey I'm a guy gamer", of course I don't because its the stereotype, but if a girl says "I'm a girl gamer"; ok, want to become another statistic and just add the word "ugly"/"hot&quo t; in there?

No one cares, stop imposing yourself on others. I'm playing counter strike, and all of a sudden i hear a girl say "I'm a girl playing CS". Ok, stfu, I'm trying to hear people around the corner. At that point calling someone a c*nt is more interesting even more productive than you saying that you are a girl gamer. Girls announce they are a girl in game for 1 of 2 reasons.

1) they want attention so they can be the server slut
2) they want attention so they can have people to b!tch at


irish-leprecaun3878d ago

they dont ha they dont have them where i come from!!

Shadowstar3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

@ MisterNiwa: It was for a really long time. There's still a demographics skew towards men in gaming, and many women hide the fact that they're women because there are a lot of problems to admitting it in the online gaming communities.

Oh, and @ phosphor112: I sometimes announce it to hopefully make guys stop making annoying comments about things like tits and porn stars while we're playing. They're more likely to shut up about the girls they want to bang if they know there's an actual one in the area.

rockleex3878d ago

I hope her favorite character is... Rock Lee!!! ^_^

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Myst3878d ago

I just wanted to say that's a big monitor..

jimmyl3878d ago

Size matters for the hardcore,

but it's pretty piss-poor if your Wii-ing.

(sorry, couldn't resist)

SlyGuy3876d ago's how you use it.

Obviously she is sitting too close to it (get your mind outta the gutter). lol.

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Tomonobu Itagaki3878d ago

Rule #30: There are no girls on the internet.
It's just a man pretending to be a woman, just like 20% of Live users and 65% of PlayStation Home users.

Mo0eY3878d ago

Did you know that 65% of statistics are made up?

D4RkNIKON3878d ago

and 60% of the time, it works every time. lol

Darrius Cole3878d ago

For the first time I agree with Itagki-san. There are no girls on the internet. And even less than that playing video games online. It's just a man pretending to be a woman.

Yep for the first time ever, I agree with Itagki-san or is this guy an imposter. Hmmmmmmm......

na2ru13878d ago

Is a female claiming to have a penis.


GoldenAge3878d ago

Rule #31 - there are no little boys or girls on the internet
Everyone knows they're government agents

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TheTwelve3878d ago

...but are you attractive? THAT, my friends, is the real question. I can find all kinds of fugly girls who play videogames, who cares.


hay3878d ago

Tried to look into a mirror before criticizing others? There are no ugly women, somtimes there's just not enough beer.

_Q_3878d ago

Shes a normal girl. But she'll whip your ass at COD4,CS and Starcraft. There are attractive gamer girls you just gotta keep a look out. My roommates lady is really good looking too shes a DOTA and Warcraft 3 nut. Anyway don't assume they're all ugly I hear dudes say to my girl when she wins "your probably fat and ugly thats why your good" I can't help but laugh at those clowns knowing they're only gonna end up alone with that stupid thought process.

LeShin3878d ago

lmao!!! oh $hit! You kill me man! lol

TheTwelve3878d ago

I'm not saying that attractive girl-gamers don't exist. I'm just saying that they are few and far-between. Oh, don't worry, I got one.

But just saying that you're a girl who plays games means nothing these days...who cares.


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Spike473878d ago

People make a big deal out of girls playing games

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