GD: Who Won E3?

GD writes: "With E3 drawing to a close I finally have a little time to reflect on the highs and lows of the last few days. It's been something of a whirlwind tour of the good and the great of video gaming, and something I have relished being part of.

For me, Nintendo won E3 by a country mile with a raft of first party games and controls are that not only available next month, but also tick all my friends and family boxes.

The show has its PR successes of course. Project Natal announced at Microsoft's Press Briefing on Monday is perhaps the most impressive for us geeky types. The new controller changes what we mean by the word itself. Previously controllers have meant plastic, buttons and sticks, but Natal has none of this. A small bar below the TV contains two cameras and a microphone. This stereoscopic vision is then processed by the 360 to enable the player to make gestures and movements with their arms, legs and other parts of their body."

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Parapraxis3515d ago

"For me, Nintendo won E3 by a country mile "
OH wow! that's something I wasn't expecting to read.

PtRoLLFacE3515d ago

i think i won! am getting god of war 3, uncharted 2, mass effect 2 spliter cell, alan wake so yeah i think i won!

iHEARTboobs3515d ago

I'm getting the same games, pukeface.

docsavage3515d ago

Who won? There was a contest there between the firms? This is a console wars post in drag; nothing to see here.

Jockamo3515d ago

The gameplay they showed was incredible! Can we not forget that it's all about the games! Uncharted was like a movie! As was the Last Guardian!

Besides with games like Heavy Rain, Peace Walker, GOW3, and FF13, who cares about anything else!

Sony FTW!!

CSM-101e3515d ago

I know I've been droppin a ton of cash as of late; I imagine I'll be spending at an increased rate for at least a year. And so will you -

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The story is too old to be commented.