E3 '09: Bayonetta Impressions (TrueGameHeadz)

TGH writes:
"I will cut to the chase, Bayonetta is just as, if not more, fun to play than Devil May Cry. The four-gun-arms-and-legs-wearing heroine trumps the Devil May Cry approach to this genre to all extremes. Just like DMC you will have the ability to switch between your weapons at any point, during combos, on the ground or in the air. That means you can expect to see a few show-man combo videos on YouTube not long after the game is released later this year. An official release date was not given though and perhaps will not abate the strong desire for this game.

The demo itself was very popular on the floor. Hashimoto-san had pointed out the use of something called "Witch-Time". If you dodge an enemie's attack late enough, time will slow down, givening you the ability to lay down the law on your enemies with extra damage. You can probably guess, there are light and heavy attacks that you can execute with your arms and weapons. Each weapon has a unique set of combos and timed attacks. That means that the combo tree will..."

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Rikitatsu3879d ago

Of course, we all know Bayonetta is going to be a masterpiece.

After all, its created by the legendary Hideki Kamiya and his Team. If you made google search about him you will know what I am talking about.