Edge Review: Infamous

Edge writes: "Crackdown was about audacious, skyscraper-clearing leaps; Assassin's Creed opted for nimble parkour, its protagonist dancing across rafters, swinging between jutting flagpoles. In both cases, scaling a city in any manner you chose made the game. With freerunning superman Cole, Infamous falls somewhere between Altaïr's procedural elegance and the Agent's unsubtle, ground-pounding zeal. The player can scamper up anything with a handhold, mastering nearly any structure in the sprawling acreage of Empire City, before plummeting back to street level without so much as a sprained ankle."

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Pennywise4432d ago

zzzz For a magazine called "Edge" You think they would be a little less predictable.

Rainstorm814432d ago

and you cant spell ridiculous with out a dic (edge)

Infamous is amazingly fun. Yes there are a few missions that repeat on every island. (I Hate counter-surveilance) Even doing the same missions it dosent get old just fun and addictive gameplay, Just like the beta it shipped with.

about to get the platinum trophy soon.

ChampIDC4432d ago

Yeah, I think we all knew this was coming.

Also, why is this in the 360 section? Does somebody know something we don't know?

(Hint: I'm kidding)

Buttons4432d ago

Prototype gets an 8 or 9.

JokesOnYou4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

I mean everybody was expecting them to give it a 10 it will be totally unbelievable for Edge to give it a 8 or 9. I bet you already know who will win the Super Bowl next year, you're like a living Nostradamus. lmfao


JeanPool4432d ago


I'm playing it now. 6 and no more.

Struz4432d ago

I'm playing it right now. 9 and no less.

gaffyh4432d ago

inFAMOUS is one of my favourite games all year. I like the fact that Sony pace out their first-party exclusives throughout the year. Unlike MS who have obviously gone for the "let's release any decent game we have in November" approach just to get sales for the holiday season.

So far we've had Killzone 2, MLB The Show, inFAMOUS, as well as several PSN titles like Flower, Burn Zombie Burn, Ragdoll Kung Fu (Free) etc. And only half the year has been.

iHEARTboobs4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

I just finished playing Infamous as a Hero. I just have 3 shards left to find that i'm sure are going to be a pain in the @ss. The game was a lot more fun than I had first thought it would be. It does have some repetitive missions and pop-in but the game is still really fun. I thought the ending was really good and unexpected. Can't wait for the next one!

xwabbit4432d ago

we should all change the word meaning of ridiculous to edge.

Stop acting edge bro......... see what i deed there lol

40cal4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

inFamous is without any doubt a 9/10 caliber game. The story is awesome, Zeke is almost as funny as Nate Drake, the platforming set pieces are some of the best in the mother f'in history of gaming (I've been hardcore since 1986 players) the visuals are beautiful, the powers and there upgrades kick ass, Cole is very likable, the animations are flawless. Its a new and fresh IP/ gaming experience. What more could you want?

The only thing wrong with this game is some minor pop up in the far distance.

Edit: I just read the review, and wow, I am going to say that this guy is a straight up lire with an agenda.

popup4432d ago

Obviously you are only going to consider a title that in some way appeals to you, so a review is a chance to find out if you are going to enjoy it or not. Like a friends recommendation.

According to Edges review, it really is not all that. Yet the comments from absolutely everyone else say the opposite.

Edge have seemingly failed to be useful in this regard on too many occasions now and although I like the magazine articles and features, I treat their reviews with a pinch of salt.

They are like an out of touch grandad at times. They need to hire some fresh blood.

Homicide4432d ago

Yes because we all know Edge is biased against PS3. /sarcasm

Baba19064432d ago

probably my favourite game this year with killzone and persona 4. im on my evil walkthrough now its sooooooooo cooooooool i love it. the story is really cool and the action is nonstop. no way a 7. never ever. i think the avarage says enough about the game. and well try it yourself it rocks. its not perfect but my favorite openworld game since the old gta

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s8anicslayer4432d ago

not too shabby, very un-Edge like!

raztad4432d ago

Edge is not worth a read. They gave the mediocre Fear2 a 8 and KZ2 7. LAstly FUEL got a 8 and inFAMOUS a 7. LOL

JeanPool4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

Fear 2 is a far better paced and executed singleplayer game, and Edge noticeably puts more value in that. (See Resistance 2 whose great multiplayer carried little weight)

Their reviews are far more intelligently written than any other slop that the media produces, and while you might not agree with their take on a game they always have a well substantiated viewpoint.

By the way, you people are complaining about a 7. LOL.

SuperM4432d ago

Oh edge always has a reason for why they rate some games lower then others, no doubt. For instance this one is rated lower since its PS3 exclusive. Same with Resistance, same with Killzone2. Very predictable indeed. Im not gonna bother complaining about this score in general. 7 is after all supposed to be a good score, although in this day and age a 7/10 is concidered average. It does however annoy me how Edge will score average game high (fuel for instance) and then the true good gems they will score lower. No i really dont have any respect for Edge, i really lose that respect when every time i see their doing a review i can guess the score pretty much before ive seen it. Thats not coincident when you do it time after time after time. They truly are predictable, and it proves their distinc preference of 360 over PS3. I think they are going to have a hard time finding a way to rate down Uncharted 2 though. It feels wierd but i seriously think they'll give it a 9/10. And i think Uncharted 2 will challenge LBP for highest rated PS3 exclusive.

Nineball21124432d ago

I bet 99% of their game reviews fall are either 7's or 8's.

Regardless, this game is on my "next buy" list.

raztad4432d ago

I preordered it. It's awesome. Very very fun game. The climbing mechanic is delicious. Highly recommended. With my preorder came a voucher for UC2 beta. OMG!! what a good multiplayer. UC2 is full of win.

mario2man4432d ago

what did their review say. I do not want to give them hits.

Shuhei Yoshida4432d ago

Edge reviews are about as worthwhile as Natal and the 360. HAHAHAHA!

Lord Shuhei Yoshida4432d ago

I agree with Shuhei Yoshida.He always speaks the truth.

talltony4432d ago

I think I disagree with edge every single review they do. i love this game and I am still playing it!