World's Most Powerful 17-Inch Notebook from Alienware driven by Three NVIDIA GeForce GPUs

New Alienware M17x Gaming Notebook Switches Between Full Throttle Performance with NVIDIA SLI and Low Power with NVIDIA HybridPower Technology.

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Arkham3879d ago

You'd be better off (quality-wise and price-wise) with the superior Clevo M980NU (Sager, Eurocomm, etc...). Plus it's 18.4" versus 17". ;) Same specs otherwise.

(though I wish they'd release it as 17", myself...)

xwabbit3878d ago

4 year costumer from alienware :), hardware never has lets me down and always perform the same + no dead pixels :D!

Buttons3878d ago

Me too, except I'm not paying $2000 + for it. Do you know how many thousands you can save building your own computer?

xwabbit3878d ago

I know, i built comps. I dk what they do but they do it right. The comps i have built have had lil probs after 2 years but the alienware ones i have stay strong. I dk what they do but they do it super right

50CALheadshot3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

back when that model was the performed rather well, that is until the raid controller was damaged from the heat that beast created.

sadly, when it came to repairs SAGER failed. Good luck trying to explain your situation to their tech support. looking back i should have taken that 4500 and built a pc myself.

but i wont rant here. Just google "complaints made about sager"

xwabbit3878d ago

4500.......... DAM BRO!!!!!!!!!!! thats way 2 much LOL!

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fire233878d ago

Umm, not that that isn't a good notebook, but i don't want to know how hot that thing could get.

theEnemy3878d ago

59 minutes.

Oh did I mention that you can cook eggs on it too ?


FinalomegaS3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

same specs from Dell.

Isn't alienware own by dell?

I don't think the 1730 can turn off certain funtions like this model. but they aren't really made for you to travel with, always have them plug anyways.

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