Bungie fields Halo 3 weapons questions

It's been a little while but Bungie has finally opened its big gob to talk more about that Xbox 360 shooter it's working on - and not on the usual stage of its weekly community update either.

Speaking in the latest issue of Gamepro, Bungie fields a few of the mag's questions on the Halo 3's arsenal, including what's happened to Halo 2's SMGs now that the good old assault rifle is back in the spotlight.

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gta_cb4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

this was posted yesterday.

nicodemus4272d ago

It's the same, except a crappier summary.

I think it's hilarious how so many videogame sites take stories like that, they take a couple quotes from of an interview and then present it likes it's investigative, instead of just going: Frankie did an interview. Here's the link--

gta_cb4271d ago

yeh i know what you mean.

ohwell... this article needs to be reported by people as it is a "duplicate story"