Welcome To The Future writes "So, much like the jetpack, the idea sounds fantastic, it looks superb and ideally the future will be here once every home has one, but the biggest problem with the jetpack is nobody wants to be around if it all blows up in your face."

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Sonyslave33882d ago

Damn all this Natal love must be killing ps3 lovers .

Real Gambler3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

As far as I'm concerned, it will likely cost as much as a jetpack : )

Think about it. This is not your typical PS2 Eyetoy. There's tons of analysis going on. 4 body at once? Facial recognition? Voice recognition? This is not something that will be done with 5 line of coding... So, if you want to use the Xbox processor, were do you put all the coding? Firmware? No room. Hard disk? Not all 360s have them. Included with each games? 7gig is already thight. And no matter what, you don't want to load the processor with all that stuff.

So, were do you pack the needed processing power? In the device itself. Now, pack two decent camera, a microphone, a very powerful processor able to vertorize 4 bodies, do voice analysis, face recognition, and pass all the vectors and voice results to the xbox and you get a device that will likely cost MANY hundreds of dollars. Not something you pack as a bonus with a $59 game.

So, yep, pricewise, we are probably looking at a jetpack! Now, like the jetpack, if it's so expensive to build, will it fly?

The advantage of the Wiimote, and Sony's gadget? You're slowly milking the customer. Buy one first (or get it as a bonus with a game), then another one, then another one... Eventually, they still spend the same amount of money, but it didn't hurt as much...

So, like everybody else, I want a jetpack... Sadly, not sure I can afford one! I guess that like consoles, Microsoft will sell them at loss first! On the other side, if they do so, and they are easy to decode, then they will make wonderful devices for PCs! (Not sure Microsoft could afford loosing money on that...)

Serg3881d ago

Well Natal has a build in custom processor so the Xbox internal CPU won't be loaded.

But I agree, this will most likely cost a fortune and I really doubt it'll work as promised. "Bam there it is" comes to mind. Possibly because it is in it's early stages, but seriously now. There is no way to detect motion in 3D from just 1 point of view. 3D games are also not true 3D, in a 30 FPS game you see 30 2D pictures refreshing every second to provide the illusion of 3D, the ingame world itself is 3D, but the visual output isn't.

Put a life sized flat picture of yourself next to you and Natal would recognize it as a living person, unless it really has radar, which I doubt, it won't be able to tell the difference.

Seeing how much hype this generates in america you would probably become a millionaire by selling "Stars and stripes suck" T-Shirts if you put some catchy art above the text to draw the attention.