EGM: Final Fantasy XIII Demo Coming to PlayStation Network

The scan of EGM's April issue has finally arrived, proving that yesterday's rumor might be true after all. According to the scan, EGM writes the following:

"Xbox Live may be the download hotspot this spring (thanks in large part to the Halo 3 multiplayer demo), but late this year the honor will go to the PlayStation Network. We hear that Square Enix will release a demo of its highly anticipated role-playing game via Sony's online marketplace. Now that's one helluva season greeting."

Click 'read more' for the scan.

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jaydesi4305d ago

well again it's here say, nothing officially stated from Sqaure-Enix, that article doens't mean sh!te sorry. lot's of magazines in the past have stated stuff about demo's etc..and almost never been correct, going on pure rumour because of nothing else to fill the magazine page with is useless.

but as an FF fan i sure it is true.

Syko4305d ago

A demo of this game would just be torture anyway, As soon as it got good it would say "Continue the Fantasy in just 9 short months" or something.

jaydesi4305d ago

more like "continue the adventure DEC 2008!" LOL

soul4305d ago

I doubt the game will be released in North America before 2009, and I won't even start talking about a European release date...

fenderputty4305d ago

I see your point very clearly. I can picture it now. My main character is about to get a new sword and hit a new level when all of a sudden the game just stops.

Maybe they can just make the demo some sort of a mini quest. One where you start out relativly built. Finding new armor/weapons is cut to a minimum. Basically, you just complete the quest, see the graphics and feel what the gameplay is like. That wouldn't be too bad.

If they start at the begining though, ending the demo will be HELL!

Says you4305d ago

Any one who would believe that has got to be nuts when SquareEnix already gave the date in 2008 which isnt that far.

soul4305d ago

Which can easily be changed to Q1 2009. No need to be nuts. Delays do happen...

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The story is too old to be commented.