Mass Effect DLC to be announced soon

While speaking to BioWare's leaders slash doctors, Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, Joystiq managed to confirm that the second batch of DLC for Mass Effect (that's the first game!) would be announced and detailed soon. According to Muzyka, he was even playing it at the BioWare office slash fortress before departing for E3 2009.

Previously, it was suggested that the next Mass Effect DLC would include some sort of fight club or arena setup. So, lots of shooting in preparation for some real shooting, then.

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Demonsdown3879d ago

Cool just finish my last achievement for it. Hope the DLC comes soon.

QuantumWake3879d ago

Its not really about disc space, for some developers, making a game really falls under the aspects of time and balancing.

Yi-Long3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

... I'm playing through Mass Effect for the first time now, not that far in yet, and although I really enjoy the experience, I don't see myself buying any DLC for it.

I'd rather see Bioware investing the time they are now using for this DLC, for Mass Effect 2 instead.
But they'll probably want to DLC-milk that game as well.

Ellessdee3879d ago

but i definitely wouldn't say they are milking the first game. this is only the second DLC since the game came out years ago, and the first dlc was kinda pointless to pay for. luckily I'm playing the series on PC and we get the DLC for free hahahahah.

on topic: so i was just starting up a new game... i couldnt help it after all the ME2 stuff being revealed recently. but now maybe i should wait a little bit until the DLC comes out. i dont wanna wait very long though =/

navyguy213879d ago

i suppose, Mass Effect is the kind of game that would benefit from alot of DLC, yet we have only seen one, ONE!! So, i cant wait until it comes, will be buying it, and Mass Effect 2 on day one!

PS360WII3879d ago

Wow I almost forgot about this. Though I suppose they wouldn't be discussing it because after all the first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club ;)