Activision Criticizes Console Makers for Resisting Price Cuts

Activision Blizzard Inc., the world's largest publisher of video games, criticized console makers for resisting price cuts during the economic slump.

Sony Corp., Nintendo Co. or Microsoft Corp. should have used this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in Los Angeles to lower prices of their systems, Activision Chief Executive Bobby Kotick, whose company makes "Guitar Hero," "Call of Duty" and "World of Warcraft," said in an interview yesterday. Such a move would spur industry growth, he said.

"I was disappointed not to see any sort of aggressive price cutting," Kotick said. "Of all the things that the hardware companies need to be doing right now, it's recognizing the difficulties of the economy and pricing their hardware appropriately."

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forcefullpower3424d ago

When cleary people are still purchasing the products at the current price. What a stupid comment.

Chubear3424d ago

Just do what you do with your software and let the console manufacturers do what they do with their hardware.

Rainstorm813424d ago

drop your game prices siince its sooo easy.

the 360 is 200$ damn how low do you want.

PS3 400$ i expect them to drop the price closer to fall or holidays, which is good for activision your best game of the year comes out around then (COD:MW2)

What about the ridiculous 10$ for the wolverine DLC that came with the preorder from gamestop??

Double Standards much Activision??

raztad3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

Activision is a crappy publisher. It should be called The FARM. Last thing I read was Activision trying to block the last Tim Schafer game, Brutal Legend.

BTW, a game price cut is long overdue. 45$ could be the sweet spot.

JokesOnYou3424d ago

Last time I checked gaming was a hobby, if you're really worried about your financial situation because a $200 HD console is too expensive then you probably should focus on other priorities.

btw, what an ego, he talks about sony and micro cutting prices to grow the industry but doesn't also offer a price cut on Activision games which would at the least make gaming more affordable for the software side for his part. lmfao, go away "Bobby"


Marojado3424d ago

Activision, the company who release needlessly expensive plastic add ons for every single game ever on a yearly basis. This guy needs a fresh cup of shut the fûck up.

RAAAAAGE3424d ago

COD4, a 2 year old game, just went up $10 in Canada. So this guy should STFU.

cyberwaffles3424d ago

activision wishes for them to stay the same, but lower the cost of the consoles. well screw you activision. the consoles cost the way they are because of it's production value. hell, the ps3 is still losing like 40 bucks a pop on the ps3. that's just greedy because a console costs about as much as the value and content is within the system while a game could've been a half ass title still priced at 60 bucks when it's not worth it. how about lowering the prices of your games that don't sell well because they're usually games that were never worth 60$ to begin with.

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fjtorres3424d ago

..But howzabout Activision cuts some of *their* prices to goose sales?

Sony just admitted they're still losing $40 per console and Activision wants them to lose even more so *they* can make more money?
Like that's going to happen.

As to the others, Microsoft is already at $199 so any cuts below that might be considered predatory pricing by some clueless bureaucrats somewhere and Nintendo...

Well, Nintendo doesn't give a damn, plain and simple; they've been making money off the hardware since day one and they see no reason to cater to anybody. Its not as if their customers really care about Activision stuff anyway.

Rich16313424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

The Wii is still selling well so there is no need for a price cut there.

The 360 is already low as all hell at $199, so no cut needed.

The PS3, yeah this one I agree with. $399 is crazy when your competition is so much lower. They make it seem like it is the Mercedes of consoles. Sure it may have the most features, free online play, blu-ray, and wi-fi but to the casual people all they see is that initial $399 price tag. (But being the rich bastard I am, I bought on launch day for $599, YEAH!)

Christopher3424d ago (Edited 3424d ago )

The thing is that the PS3 really isn't for the casual buyer yet, though. Casual gamers, especially, should never be interested in the PS3 unless they buy it for other reasons as well (Home, Blu-ray, PS3Eye, etc.).

Hardcore gamers want it cheaper so they can just have it, but they will most likely still play the 360 most of the time except for exclusives. The only thing a price cut would do is remove the excuse of the price from flame wars.

Lich1203423d ago

Very true cgoodno. And on a unrelated note, the Venture Bros. is an amazing show.

Christopher3424d ago

Lower game prices. How about it Activision?

free2game3653424d ago

Besides CoD4 most of their games are low in price or go on sale at least. I remember they had COD5 on sale not to long ago on steam for $20.

Christopher3424d ago

Which is done after the apex curve of their purchasing history, which is not at all a stimulus to the market considering that majority of gamers who buy them for a good profit are already looking to put their money towards new releases.

Dimitri3424d ago

Its easy for someone to say that. If he was losing money because of the PS3 he wouldnt even think about that option.

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