Finger Gaming Review: G

Sit down on a comfortable arm chair, have a beverage on hand, and be ready for a cinematic experience. That is what "G" by Soma Games brings. "G," you see, is short for "gravity," which just so happens to the perfect description of the game's basic mechanic.

Think of Scorched Earth, but in space. Players specify the angle, force, and after-burner of rockets firing out of a base ship. Once the rocket leaves the ship at its pre-determined trajectory, it falls in the hands of gravity of nearby planets and masses. The point of the game is to hit or at least get close to all the markers on a given stage using gravity to help curve the projectiles.

Players can take the easy route and just fire multiple rockets, refining their aim after each rocket to reach the next un-activated marker. The harder route is to perfect the details for an ideal path, so that firing one rocket will make use of each planet's gravity to curve the rocket enough times to hit every single marker on the stage in one go. This becomes very challenging after the first couple of stages.

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