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We'll have "hardcore, triple-A" Natal titles, says Microsoft

Project Natal project director Alex Kipman revealed to Eurogamer that there will be "hardcore, triple-A" games for the Microsoft's motion cam.

"We'll have games that are specifically designed to work only with Natal - not just arcadey games, but real, hardcore, triple-A titles," said Kipman.

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qface644618d ago

i have no problem if they try and do whatever they want with natal
but seriously i hope they don't try and alienate their current fanbase by making some of the games they like playable only on natal

i mean just don't try and force it on the people its all im saying

pwnsause4618d ago

apparently, Bungie is developing for Natal, dont be surprised if they are using it for Halo:Reach

Fishy Fingers4618d ago

I hope not, although when you think of it, "reach" does word itself nicely with Natal.

Kugar774618d ago

i dont think implementing it in "triple-a hardcore" games is the right is looking for the casual audience so they should just follow the wii trend minus the shovelware. some implementation in hardcore games is fine, but as previously stated, dont force it down their throats

Kushan4618d ago

It depends on the game, really. If it's forced, it should be because whatever it is they're trying to do simply wouldn't work well with a controller. If it's just a sequel to an established franchise that can use the controller just fine, they should keep it "hybrid".

All-34618d ago

Alex Kipman: Absolutely. We see there being three types of game. We love the [existing] controller, it's not going anywhere and there will continue to be games that are specifically made to only work with a controller. We'll have games that are specifically designed to work only with Natal - not just arcadey games, but real, hardcore, triple-A titles.

Then you'll have some games that are essentially a hybrid - games that work both with the controller and with Natal. Why is that interesting? Think about a first-person shooter where I'm using the controller but I'm doing facial tracking by just moving around and looking round corners.

Or you could have a hardcore gamer like me playing a game with a controller, while a non-hardcore person sitting next to me enjoys the experience by playing with Natal. I could be having my Halo experience with the controller and the friend next to me, who's not a hardcore gamer, could be throwing grenades or driving the Warthog or doing any number of things with Natal.

We can track up to four players in the same way we track controllers. Each individual player will be able to choose - do I want to bind with a controller, or do I want to bind with my body, or do I want to bind with both?

kewlkat0074618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

Again, it's the developers that take advantage of what is given to them. You honestly think , all the sudden devs are gonna quite making traditional games, in favor of just motion/camera variants?

The Wii have been an exception because the controller is not traditional even though you could use it as so but there will be devs that are able to think out the box and create some new experiences and there will be hardcore devs that stay away.

Another thing too, these types of new innovative experiences is great for the market, as new creative companies are formed out of nowhere. I think the Industry has been shrinking with many small devs being bought up because they cannot handle the finances in keeping up with next-gen expenses, besides having one game(flop)and bring them under.

I just came from bestbuy, just looking around. Because of the time currently here 11:00EST(it's quite slow), so all the gaming tv's were empty, then saw one guy(must of been 75) casually playing Wii Tennis as if he was getting his daily exercise regiment. (I swear no Lie). I look and said to myself man I'd never thought I'd see an old fella playing a fn console and enjoying it. Casually hitting the ball back and fourth, like he knows how to

I'm happy my hobby could be enjoyed with new experiences which keeps my hobby healthy besides all the jibber jabber on the site because of the type of site this is..

joydestroy4618d ago

whatever. i'll believe it when i see it.

Rainstorm814618d ago

They learn quick. Ive been saying it since monday's press conf. camera + controller.

the Combinaton games using Natal and a controller will probably be the best games for us hardcore gamers.

Casual gamers.....

"and you... I just plain dont like you!" = stewie

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4618d ago

Did he say head tracking with an fps? But if you turn your head you wont be looking at the screen.

Raf1k14618d ago

I agree with the OP, sounds like these "hardcore, triple-A" games will require Natal before you can play them.

I hope this isn't the case.

4618d ago
All-34618d ago

How many comments have been posted in n4g about Microsoft's $$$$MONEY$$$$... Hmmm?

If Microsoft truly thinks this is an important part of the Xbox 360 and perhaps for future Xbox versions, don't you think Microsoft will be paying certain game developers to implement Natal features along side of standard control interfacing?

Sony faces a similar issue with game developers then as well. Why should any 3rd party developer implement motion control features into PS3 games?

Obviously money, and games will dictate how 3rd party publishers/developers respond to both Microsoft and Sony's motion sensing technologies, and obviously 1st party internal studios will support the technology to whatever degree division heads say to.

leyego4618d ago

a company is in it to make money
if ms keeps throwing money around they wont make a big enough profit.

the thing that worries me is how much there willing to spend on multiplat games and dlc.

btw is the GTA4 dlc up yet?

lokiroo4204618d ago


The best point about this ever, talk about not thinking ahead, lmao!

xwabbit4618d ago

just like halo 3 was going to be 1080p and it ended up being 640p ?


I think First-Person-Shooter could work with Natal atleast Third-Person-Shooter like Gears of War becuse just turn your shoulder alittle and you character turns around simple isnt it?

Arnon4618d ago

Exactly. If they use it alongside with the Xbox 360 controller, it would blow current gaming experiences out of the water. Extreme interaction with characters, weapons, and the game world itself would be a basic feature in Microsoft's games.

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Sonyslave34618d ago

Damn i hope Mistwalker is one of them developers

Darkeyes4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

Oops... wrong reply... Sorry.

The Meerkat4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

Imagine Mass Effect 2 or Elder Scrolls 5 where you have to talk to the characters yourself. They could even detect if you like them or not from your tone and facial expressions.

Imagine Dead Rising where you get to use your own livingroom furniture to bash the zombies.

Or Gears of War 3 when you have to duck behind your sofa to avoid incoming fire.

This will be huge when implemented fully.

Fishy Fingers4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

It could only work if you had to read predetermined lines of text, which would kind of defeat the object.

"use your own livingroom furniture to bash the zombies. " Really? Health and safety would have a field day with that.

The Meerkat4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

Not really.

It detects what type of answer your giving from the tone of voice or from certain words or numbers.

eg. NPC:- "Do you want to buy some horse armour for 10,000 credits?"
ME:- "Take you damn horse armour and stick it up your ****!"
NPC:- "Ok, what about a new spell for 20credits?"
ME:- "What about 10credits?"
NPC:- "OK, call it 15 and we have a deal"
ME:- "You have a deal"

It would work.

edit( like broken TVs and flying Wii remotes)
Ok maybe not furniture, but what about. Scan a skateboard then hit zombie with it.

PirateThom4618d ago

Again, all this scanning items business, I don't see why this makes Natal more suitable for games than the Wii remote...

Omega44618d ago

Exactly, imagine in Fable 3 instead of selecting the expressions you make them yourself, there are certainly a lot of options for Natal in hardcore games

Fishy Fingers4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

You realise people are trying to implement such voice features with far more sophisicated hardware than this and they're failing. Conversations on the fly with a computer are currently a pipe dream. You wont have such freedom for years to come, the AI would be far to demanding. Facial expression I can see.

Nice idea but not feasible, not yet.

The Meerkat4618d ago


Not full conversations, just the illusion of conversations.

It will happen sooner than you think.

Omega4 has hit the nail on the head with the Fable 3 idea.

LastDance4618d ago

That would be cool. But im sure it will cause more problems than it is worth. If it was seemless, I would be fully on-board, but it just seems to far-fetched.

Pennywise4618d ago

lol!! They are changing gaming forever!! You can now make facial expressions with your face instead of hitting a button.

Give me a break. To even be excited about doing that is just ridiculous. Let them show me how exactly you will move your avatar around the world without a controller for input. I mean it all makes sense if the purpose of the game was for your ingame avatar to stand there making the disappointed, confused, and bored expression.

Its a gimmick for mini games. Once in a while standing up is fine, but I want to game while I lounge.

Chris3994618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

Nothing that was shown at E3 was in real-time, it was all a guided or staged demo. Nothing was shown WORKING on ACTUAL 360 hardware; it's still in a run-time environment at this point. By the time this comes to market, I will be utterly surprised if half the features lauded about are actually implemented.

The 360 is a powerful machine, but it's also 4 years old and has limited memory. The more complex a programing routine, the less resources are available for other aspects of a game - graphics, physics, etc. Expect a multitude of flailing party games and one or two VERY contained corridor shooters (and there's still the issue of a physical gun response with that one, making a pistol with your pointing finger and thumb and going "pew-pew" doesn't cut it).

Being a technophile, I will definitely pick up Natal. But I think right now we are being promised the moon and what will be delivered will be a very different beast indeed.

Most likely MS will use this as a stepping stone for their next platform (the 720 or whatever), which will have the resources where it can be more effective . Next E3 expect some Natal info and the announcement of the Xbox3. They will keep on the 360 as a legacy machine and get to market first, I guarantee it.

green4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

I guess you missed all the articles from the press that played Burnout Paradise using Natal behind closed doors.

"Standing in front of a television with Burnout Paradise on it, I held my hands out as if holding steering wheel and acted as if I was driving a car. It was that simple and the results were surprisingly precise."

"The effect was nothing short of amazing -- the first time we stepped in to play it was immediately natural (save for the part about having to imagine a wheel in your hands). Sure, we wrecked the hell out of a few cars, but it was striking how easy it was to pick up the feel for it. Kudo insinuated that it would be easy for developers to incorporate this tech into pre-existing games, and we have to say, the possibilities are exciting."

Omega44618d ago

You PS3 fanboys are sad, just because MS done something that Sony couldnt even dream of you try and play it down. Every media outlet has praised it for being revolutionary even Sony, just cause you wont get to use it doesnt mean you have go and cry about it.

Omega44618d ago

Sorry to say but Sony's blatant copy of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk dont even come close to Natal's voice and facial recognition, and the fact you dont need a controller.

So yeah you are still dreaming, but maybe when you wake up and open your eyes to reality Sony might of come up with something unique and comparable to Natal so till then dream on

Chris3994618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

From the article. It was like one track or something pulled from the game and optimized to be a demo.

It's not a full retail game at all. It's not indicative of anything outside of a controlled environment.

Again, really great tech. But it's years away and I doubt it will be properly utilized on this generation of Xbox.

green4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

"Nothing that was shown at E3 was in real-time, it was all a guided or staged demo. Nothing was shown WORKING on ACTUAL 360 hardware".

That was the statement you made that i was referring to and i proved you wrong.Burnout paradise was WORKING on ACTUAL 360 hardware as shown in the article.

Microsoft have already stated that dev kits have arrived at developers so expect 1st and 3rd party games to utilize the tech when it's released around fall next year.Rare,Bungie and Epic are already confirmed to be making games to utilize Natal,Lionhead is working on launching Milo & Kate with Natal, so why don't we wait and see how those projects will turnout instead of assuming that the tech might not be fully realized.

Mo0eY4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

This thread makes me laugh. I'd give you all bubbles if I knew all of you fanboys were joking.

Chris3994618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

Thanks for the article. It's good to see a CONTROLLED, NON RETAIL GAME DEMO working on 360 hardware. Is that better for you?

Milo and Kate was as scripted as it gets. I am skeptical until they show some actual retail software for Natal. As should anyone with a brain be. Get as excited as you want, but don't be crushed when what has been promised does not meet the expectations that they set forth. High end workstation PCs can hardly do 1/2 the things that Natal boasts. I would be utterly amazed and delighted if they manage this for retail on an aging PC architectured console with limited RAM. That, and if they make games better than WeSki/ Paint/ Shoot.

Until they prove to me (and the world) that the tech HAS been realized, it stands to reason that they have a lot of work to do. You need to relax and see how things unfold. This generation has more than enough console advocates with causes. Let's get back to the games. And that's what I'm waiting on. Games, full retail versions, for Natal. Show me some, working as intended. Until then, this conversation is a waste of time.


green4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

WHo is getting defensive?i think it's actually you because i felt it was a healthy debate but you seem to be getting worked up.

"High end workstation PCs can hardly do 1/2 the things that Natal boasts. I would be utterly amazed and delighted if they manage this for retail on an aging PC architectured console with limited RAM. That, and if they make games better than WeSki/ Paint/ Shoot."

Did you know that Natal does not use any processing power from the 360 at all?"Project Natal is the world’s first system to combine an RGB camera, infra-red depth sensor, multi-array microphone and custom processor running" Key word in that statement is "CUSTOM PROCESSOR", so it takes absolutely nothing from the 360's RAM,CPU or GPU.


Darkeyes4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

@Omega4: '"You PS3 fanboys are sad, just because MS done something that Sony couldnt even dream of you try and play it down."... Are you freaking serious or what. That tech was developed 8 years back..... PSeye.... It does the same thing disagree all you want. Ya Milo is new, but until I see a LIVE demo of it, I will have my doubts that the thing was scripted.
IF M$ has achieved such advancements in AI technology, then hats off to them... Even NASA would be interested with it... Even they are looking for interactive AI for space explorations... You see where I am getting... If you really think that Milo can be that interactive, then you are highly mistakened (and that too for a thing which will cost less than 200$.. hopefully).

@Green: "That was the statement you made that i was referring to and i proved you wrong.Burnout paradise was WORKING on ACTUAL 360 hardware as shown in the article. "... Look I get your point about Burnout, but I am talking games like TPS,FPS, RPG, fighters.... Burnout is the best game to display with such tech since racing games hardly require and buttons unlike FPSes and Fighter where button mashing is a MUST. These are the games where there is a 3D environment unlike Racers which just have a wheel that has to be steered and accelerator and brake which can be mimicked easily.

3D movement along with different shooting, reloading mechanism SIMPLY CAN'T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT BUTTONS. If you are saying that it will track face movements and various other gestures for different mechanism, then frankly I prefer a controller. I am 100% sure M$ will have to eat it's words saying controller FREE gaming and release a controller with NATAL.. That is the ONLY WAY HARDCORE GAMING CAN BE DONE... BE REALISTIC.. even you know it.

EDIT: Oh ya.. and GREEN just try this simple task. Keep both your arms stretched out and mimic holding a fake steering in fin air.... Just do that for 5-10 min and you will see how much strain develops on the arms.... You get tired really fast... and do that holding a fake steering or a plate and you can't hold it even for more than 5 min.... You see my point. The concept is ridiculous to say the least. Just image you are in the standing position in a TPS and want to prone suddenly.... You throw yourself to the ground risking breaking a tooth or 2... and then suddenly the situation asks for you to run.... you stand up and do some gestures for running.... that really doesn't sound fun to me... People might even sue M$ for back pains while playing such games..... It's AN UNREALISTIC ASSUMPTION THAT ONE CAN PLAY A GAME LIKE HALO WITHOUT A CONTROLLER.

Chris3994618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

The processor inside Natal is likely used for the capturing of complex motions and whatever other information - sound, depth sensor, for example - that is to be fed to the 360. It is not a separate Xenon processor or any other such nonsense. It's purpose is to RELAY that information, it does not do any software/ hardware computing on it's own.

This still does not solve the issue of coding games for Natal. The coding is definitely going to be more taxing and resource demanding than a normal game. Not only do you need whatever resources you would normally need in a game, you also need additional code and dedicated processing/ RAM towards rendering the information fed by Natal into some sort of output.

Naturally, a 3D, sound capturing camera has a processor, just like any other complex externally connected electronic device. That doesn't solve the issue of coding/ resource allocation for Natal.

@Green. Sure. I'm all for debates. But you still haven't answered where the extra resources will come from for the software. Natal is for input only, not rending. And that's the question that's burning on my mind. I don't want to buy a $200 piece of tech for something that will be used for casual games or watered down hardcore ones. But yeah, we just have to wait and see. I totally agree with you on that :) Have a good day (being serious, not smarmy :) )

green4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

Did i say i want to use it?i am just proving a point that it works.Simulating holding a wheel will never feel as real as my Porsche racing wheel that i will be getting in October to go along with my purchase of Forza 3, and my Porsche wheel will never feel as real as the driving day that i will be going for in a few months time that will enable me to drive 7 real life supercars for 6 hours on Brands Hatch UK.

As i said, i am just pointing out that it works.When it comes out it's up to you to use but if you can't the standard controller and racing wheel are there for you to use as well.


@Chris999: We can stay here and argue for hours so lets just wait till it comes out.As they say "to each his own", so have a good day.

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Ilikegames764618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

At first I thought it was An*l. Some say it's a pedo simulator. I think it's an Eye toy rip-off repackage as something new to fool the xbots. You should have seen the girl jumping around during the demo. Now think for a second, and replace the girl with mook, bladestar, why dis/pog. F*cking hilarious. Yeah, xbots deserve it. I'm bored..... *put on flame suit*
*edit* I was right: http://www.thefreedictionar...
Natal relating to b*ttocks.

Montreafart4618d ago

"Play goalkeeper" or the critically acclaimed Burn out without using any wheels!

Wheels only make up half the fun in racing games but who needs wheels people! Xbots dont need wheels, xbots use their hands!


talltony4618d ago

as long as I dnt have to march in place to move and hold a imaginery gun to shoot.

Narutone664618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

Here's something that are like the Natal:

ZuperAmazingCooKie4618d ago

For being hypocrites. Is Halo reach gonna be played without a single controller? I'd love to see how retarded that looks, hell no buttons, no triggers, no sticks, only Xbots looking idiotic as they usually do on comment sections.

Mo0eY4618d ago (Edited 4618d ago )

I can see the four amigos, Mart, Why Dis, Omega4, and Zhuk waving their arms around in a Halo match smacking each other in the face.

In fact, I can see all four of them pushing one another out of the way because there all whiny, little b!tches.

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, I can't wait for the YouTube videos.

leyego4618d ago

iam not looking foward to it.
who wants to see fatasses moving around flailing all those folds anyways?