IncGamers: Star Wars: The Old Republic Preview

Andy Alderson of IncGamers is salivating over the new Star Wars MMO.

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kerriganss3879d ago

hmmm i have my doubts about this really...

Leord3879d ago

Star Wars MMO. Nothing else could be cooler.

Well, then again, they have already failed once...

Also, a SC MMO (sadly not coming in the foreseeable future) would kick more ass.

Dorjan3879d ago

That's like saying a FPS would make a good RTS...

oh wait...

Cogo3879d ago

Well, obviously, things could be cooler than a generic SW MMO. Mainly because, as you say, Galaxies is crap.

However, doing it with the Old Republic is probably a very good idea.

Maticus3879d ago

Lucky git! I wonder how many people would've given a body part to take his place playing that game!

Leord3879d ago

I would give up lots of stuff and pay a lot of money, but not a body part :P

Cogo3879d ago

@ Leord. It's just a saying. No one wants your body parts in exchange for entry to E3...

Leord3879d ago

@ Cogo

Good! Because I wouldn't give any away! =P

Dorjan3879d ago

It seems like this is Mass effect with a star wars skin... and I love it!

darkmurder3879d ago

And a fore skin ... lol someone had to say it, game looks great tho!

SpoonyRedMage3879d ago

Well Old Republic is the MMO successor to KOTOR and Mass Effect is basically KOTOR without the Star Wars...

Cogo3879d ago

I just really wish I was the one doing the testing and writing the previews.

Nice that E3 looks to be closer to back to scratch though. Last year was atrocious.

Leord3879d ago

I hear ya. Being there would be awesome.

But I'd rather not have to write, just go around trying games :D

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The story is too old to be commented.