Sony PS3 takes games controllers to next level

Since it launched in 200X, the Wii has perhaps been the forefront of gamers minds in terms of its intuitive controllers. Sony PS3 are looking to snatch this crown with the release of its new Motion Controllers.

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qface643882d ago

while i love e3 for the great announcements
it gets annoying seeing the same stuff over and over and over
everyone is saying the same thing about their preferred product D;

Fishy Fingers3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Yep, E3 is great, but the following month is full of whats essentially reworded duplicate stories.

Mu5afir3882d ago

Let's not forget Sony and Nintendo both released with motion controls. Nintendo and the Wii by no means had a monopoly on motion controls in games.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3882d ago

At least it has buttons, sticks and triggers and therefore *actual* backwards compatibility, not pretend backwards compatibility as Microsoft would like you to believe

Shuhei Yoshida3882d ago

Don't even compare Natal to anything we at Sony have done. HAHAHA!

Natal's tech is as old as Eye Toy... just like the 360 its self. HAHAHA!

lokiroo4203882d ago

YOu dant want to compare it to this?

DA_SHREDDER3882d ago

True guys. But you have to admit, Sony got motion controls exactly where they should be by now. Motion Plus is also a welcome add on for the wii as well.

krakdol3882d ago

At least Sony showed a nice demo and the tech is actually USEFUL in GAMES, unlike Natal which will stay a gimmick I think, since with no controller included you can't use it in any hardcore game.

The major difference is you can SIT and PLAY with Sony motion control, while you can't with MS. Not everybody wants to dance in front of his TV, plus those who want already have a Wii.

ravinash3882d ago

there is also the small fact that Sony already have (whats it called?) Eyepet or something.
That already uses just video for the controls.

While MS are trying to take it to the next level, there is nothing new here. It might be good for some games and apps. But there will only be so much you can do with it.

fightingILLINI3882d ago

after seeing the demo me and everyone i know want's to use them. the response with them is perfect. after these controllers come out i think most wii owners will be sad they didn't get a ps3. the 360 fantasy motion controller is not even a good one. the ps3 one is real and will be out soon.

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