Xbox 360 One-ups PlayStation with Natal and a Stolen Exclusive

Microsoft has been on a roll at E3 2009: Dropping bombs and shooting stars all in the name of Xbox 360 has been Microsoft's game this year. Microsoft's press conference dropped jaws with shocking announcements: Spielberg pitches Natal. Beatles reunite to talk about Rock Band. Microsoft promises 1080P resolution to Xbox 360 movie streams. James Cameron even talked about an upcoming game by Ubisoft; Avatar. To ad insult to injury of the ailing Sony, Xbox 360 even nabbed a PS3 exclusive. It looks like Microsoft wanted to shock us into submission this year.

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qface643884d ago

oh my god will these flaimbait articles never end

Hellsvacancy3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

If i recall it was announced 4 the 360 b4 it was the Ps3 - and besides its a spinoff - i can imagine it bein the complete opposite of Mgs4 its gonna b ALL gameplay (coz u know 360 owners DONT like watchin movies) and no story tellin (which makes me think this title will b a rent 4 me)

Rainstorm813884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Stolen Exclusive?

Shared IP is more like it, its not exclusive to 360.

It seems all MS has to do is announce a game that was a third party exclusive now turned MULTIPLAT and Voila they win E3 everytime. lol

I won E3 with the most games for my console of choice. (or any console shown)

The Meerkat3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

You can tell a story without in game movies. Look at what is being done with Splinter Cell.

Some PS3 fans have been hit hard by E3 and are starting to foam at the mouth.

mario2man3884d ago

xbox fans better buy this game if it is good because of all the begging you would think they will buy it so they better of Konami will pull the franchise off the system if it does not sell well.

La Chance3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

MSFT had the games + natal + surprise factor with MGS Rising since MGS was never supposed to see the day on 360.And no matter how much try to spin we all now Rising is going to rock.

As for Sony...well since I dont really care for them nothing they showed really interested me : FF14 is a MMO and the other games we had already vids and stuff so nothing really new.

The Agent announcement was huge I have to admit.

Anyway the polls, the media, most of the people at the event all think MSFT won.Its just opinions of course but hey MSFT won time to get over it.

Ghoul3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

i'm getting so annoyed bye the arrogance of ms and they're fans.
i'm very very stoked about natal and alan wake, but seriously wtf is this.

- ms attacking Sony on a steady stream
- ms fans hype everything out of ms (natal is the holy grail even thou its not coming out for at least 1.5-2 years)
- forza 3 devs attacks grantourismo out of nowhere
- ff 14 gets downtalked with no reason [[edit: lachance proofes it again "FF14 is a MMO and the other games we had already vids and stuff so nothing really new. "
- ms's weak attack on the wiimote on there con on monday. (at least the audience gave them a big booooooo, wich was satisfying.)

and on the sony side i cant hear any negative pr buzz about the competition.


btw talking about stealing.
sony had this waaaay bevor ms (8. August 2006)

any props for sony ? guess not eh ?

Swiftfox3884d ago

I agree. These flame bait articles are getting ridiculous.

On topic....Microsoft "stole" the exclusive? Nonsense. They payed good money for it XD.

Max Power3884d ago

I think people thought MGS would stay a ps3 series because of Kojima, but he isn't working on Rising.

inveni03884d ago

Probably not...I wonder when people will realize that Sony had Project Natal first...they just call it the PLAYSTATION EYE!!! I have several games on my PS3 that work EXACTLY as the M$ E3 live demo.

Ghoul3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )


well im not surpised mgs was never a sony exclusiv.
nintendo plattforms

and they ardly stole a game when they paying the big money on them.

steal a game = convince the dev to switch/choose a plattform without buying them out.

"MGS was never supposed to see the day on 360"

MGS4 was never supposed to come the the 360 and never will read above for further explanation about risen being on the 360.

Rainstorm813884d ago

At the end of peace walker trailer it was a off air color screen with numbers counting up; 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 then the letter e.

MGS5 next e3 MAYBE????

Swiftfox3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Yes most seem to forget that the reason why MGS3 was exclusive to the PS2 was the fact that when MGS2 was released on the Xbox...nobody bought it.

However in all fairness that was the least liked of the franchise because of the switch from Solid Snake to the unknown character...Raiden. Kind of makes you think.

Viper73884d ago

MGS series hasnt been exclusive for a while. MGS4 still is but thats just one game. MGS rising which seems to be multiplatform is just another metal gear game that is multiplatform.

Snake has already appeared on Xbox, and he has appeared in both wii and gamecube.

Personally my "best show" goes to sony, mainly because I own both Psp and Ps3. Sony provided with loads of new info about upcoming games and announced quite a few titles. Nintendo was also pretty good, probably the worst in terms of places but in terms of "doing a lot better than last year"

Both Natal and "The wand" are just "useless" for me until proven otherwise. (which can be done with some juicy excellent games non party games or HC games using heavily their features)

few multi platform games and motion sensor games do not impress me when talking about press conferences. Exclusives and new features however do. Facebook and twitter can both be used trough Ps3 browser so. That leaves Alan wake which was pretty impressive, couple of halo games, SC conviction. only 1 of these was new. Mgs rising was nice but as its (which I basicly already guessed before E3) multi platform why should I care?

Ghoul3884d ago


exactly, thats whats so silly about it, ms diehards are so anxious to get any ps only game just out of the reason to kinda "damage" sony. in the end noone cared for mgs on the xbox because true gamers bought a ps2
same goes for the ps3 and for the xbox1 and 360. btw i had em all also mgs2 on the box.

I_am_rushin3884d ago

MGSR was never an exclusive. And isn't really MGS at all.

DA_SHREDDER3884d ago

LOL @ Milo . This tech has been in front of all you fanboy's faces. This just goes and shows how biased some people really are. BTW, Eye of Judgment is freakin Sic. Underrated.

Ghoul3884d ago

jup i mean comeon guys, give some props to sony.

natal = early early proto
in the movies = blatant eyetoy rippoff
lips = blatant singstar rippoff

eyepet is nearly done
eye of judgement is incredible
eyetoy is old as hell

Darkeyes3884d ago

This is getting ridiculous by the minute... '360 has Maxed out- EA' and then '360 beats PS3 at E3'.... all such articles are ONE BLOODY PERSONS THINKING.

As far as E3 goes, I admit M$ beat Sony on the hardware front, but even 360 fanboys cannot agree that from the software stand point, Sony kicked royal ass. Ya I was impressed with Alan Wake (graphically) and Splinter Cell... Uncharted 2 level impressed- NO CHANCE. You must be blind to think that Alan Wake looked better than Unchrarted 2.... And YEA GOD OF WAR 3.. Admit it... It was DA BOMB... Sony didn't even have the time to show games like Quantum, WKC, FF vs 13, Heavy Rain at E3..... People must be nuts to think that games like 'The Last Guardian (Trico)' or Agent (Rock* exclusive!!!!) are not big... They are HUGE.

I again say... Natal was impressive... How they implement it with hardcore gaming, is a thing to be seen... But saying that M$ won only cause of Natal is the stupidest statement I have heard. Just wait for live demos of it being implemented in hardcore games and then give 'PS3 dooms' articles....

Ya 360 won in Hardware...
PS3 won in software....

And Software is all I care.

Ghoul3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

if i would be e³ i would sing this song all day.

"MGS: Raiden and wishing and hoping it is, but now that it came true and its for the 360 as well its just a mere spin off and its nothing."

no noone said that, and i cant see any diehard sonyfan here too.
its about the claim ms diehards make that mgs:risen is a "stolen" exclusive.

well guess what: it was NEVER exclusiv to anyplattform its a new game coming out for multiple plattforms.

3884d ago
Darkeyes3884d ago

MGS:Rising is not being directed by KOJIMA!!! All you 360 fanboys won't know that since you hardly have tasted what a genius KOJIMA mind can create. KOJIMA is a HUGE factor for MGS... And even he seems unimpressed according to the interviews given.....

If your Logic holds true, then no PS3 fanboy would be hyped about FF13... Ya we were pissed at SE, but we (at least I) think that FF13 will be the best RPG this gen.

Play MGS4 and you will know what THE KOJIMA FACTOR does to a game.

Jecht3883d ago

I'm getting sick of this. How in the hell is Natal a show stealer? How many of you here can HONESTLY say that you will USE Natal to it's fullest effect? AND how many of you will admit to being hypocrites for decrying the Wiimote afterwards? Seriously. Microsoft stole the show with an accessory and a multiplatform IP? See, here's the thing. Microsoft will always "steal the show" at E3 because they go on first every year it seems. So whatever they show will seem fresh and new, and when Sony and Nintendo come on, if they have even one thing similar to Microsoft, then their conference will be seen as underwhelming and/or lame.

Sony shows an incredible line up of GAMES (which is what the core of this is about, games, not controllers and accessories for games, but actual GAMES), and somehow lost to Microsoft's accessory and bought 3rd party game? Does ANYONE else see something wrong with this picture? At all?

Either the standards for success at E3 are REALLY low, or people are frickin' blind. Or maybe it's both. I can't believe an accessory that combines old ideas into one is considered to be one of the things that "stole the show". Ridiculous.

eagle213883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Pure and simple. The author said "all in the name of xbox" like MS is running a cult of absent minded followers.

L4D2 is getting a boycott...nuff said
ODST is 5 hour DLC for $60
forza is a rip-off...
alan wake doesn't wow after years of HYPE
natal is a expensive PS Eye rip off
Kojima seperated himself from Xbox at Sony's E3... :)
Old boring men took stage at MS E3 after Bill Gates called them!

redsquad3883d ago

The only thing likely to make me foam at the mouth are arrogant children such as yourself coming here not for news on your own gaming sytem but to bleat nonsensical trash then step back to preen smugly, pretending you've revealed some startling facts that we 'plebs' can't otherwise comprehend.

SuperM3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Uncharted 2 is the only thing i needed form the show. Best game of the show. I honestly dont know what i would do if i didnt own a PS3. Well except for buying one ofcourse.

Oh, Alan Wake and SC Conviction looks pretty neat aswell. Not remotely as good as Uncharted 2, but still pretty good. To bad i dont own a 360.

What did you say? They are coming out on PC aswell? Oh lol, well i guess there is no reason for me to get a 360 then. I can get the superior versions on my high end gaming rig.

LionMCK3883d ago

Last time I checked nothing was stolen as MGS R is a spinoff and is also appearing on PS3. Basically the biggest announcement for MS was a multiplat? Seems a lot like last year. I think all the motion control stuff from both sides is just gimmicky stuff no1 actually cares about. M$ had a great showing but are we just pretending that GoW3, GT5, FFXIV, MAG, Uncharted, Trico etc didn't happen? Did the writers of this article actually go to e3 or bother watching the conferences? I'm not saying there is a clear winner but MS definetly didn't murder Sony at the show. It seems like MS is getting so much praise because of the ambiguity surrounding their announcement of MGS:R which made it seem like it was exclusive (which it isn't) and that momentum is somehow continuing. They announced some great never-before-seen games, but Sony already had more than that ANNOUNCED before e3 and still pulled out some new games for the show.

solidjun53883d ago

you know I never head of these websites before. Why are we approving this crap. *sigh*

ultimolu3883d ago

*falls over laughing* My poor ribs...

Just wow. *shakes head*

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DA_SHREDDER3884d ago

It won with Natal? The ps3 pretty much had the natal with the pseye. With 2 mics and everything in it. Sony's was better cause not only can the pseye track movement and depth, but now we are connected and integrated with a true next gen motion controller. This is more likely an attempt to have an overal camera. Ill be damned if the camera cost more then 200 bucks. I wont buy if it cost more then $100.

Ghoul3884d ago

i second that, natal is awesome no discussion.
but why cant people admit that the eyetoy was there first. and sonys connection between the pseye and some really really accurate motion controllers are way better then natal.

natal = my dream come true in forms of userinterface (minority report anyone?) but not for games except the voice recognition. would be awesome to play rpg's and being able to directly talk to te npc's

sonys motion controller = so far the best ive seen in precise motion tracking and will work great for gaming, im suprised how well it worked in its early stages.

redsquad3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Funny that before E3, some stupid gits were saying "we have great 360 games coming at E3 that'll kill your exclusives - Just you Sony Droids wait!!" then post-E3 it's all "Natal killed Sony" and "now we have Facebook and Twiiter, nyah nyah yay for MS"...

What the hell happened to the "the Xbox is for hardcore gamers" party line they've been whinging on about for months now?? However good these motion control systems end up being (personally, I'm not interested in either), I base my interest in a console on it's games.

As such, Sony impressed me the most.

plstcsldgr3883d ago

actually the eye has 4 mics for full audio detection, a 2 year old device has natal beat before it even had a tech demo out. and with the addition of this new eye controller from Sony the eye will be the sure key to bringing movement and body actions into actual game play for casual and hardcore games alike. i would love to see a ninja gaiden or any fps integrated with this new Sony controller eye combo.

SRT4Chris4013884d ago

Yeah, they "stole" an exclusive that the creator is not working on. He's working on the Sony PSP's version, so no Xbox didn't steal an exclusive. They bought a game and name from a company, just proves M$ is throwing as much money as they can at something and hoping it just works. Unfortunately in this current economy, they have that upper hand.

yoghurt3884d ago

C'mon people, they didn't get the real deal (MGS4) so now they HAVE to make it sound like they stole an exclusive. Despite the fact that this was never an exclusive, this was a new game announced as multi-platform, whist SONY still got a new MGS exclusive (the true sequel as Hideo said)

Fiona3884d ago

Well, to be fair, Rising was never announced as an exclusive to ps3. And metal gear has been on xbox consoles in the past. So, it was not "stolen". Good day all