Eurogamer : ModNation Racers preview

Christian Donlan from Eurogamer writes:

"As Sony's latest poster child for user-generated content, it's hardly surprising that people are already likening ModNation Racers to LittleBigPlanet. But it's not as similar as you initially suspect. Although United Front's PS3 game aims to do for kart racers what Media Molecule's did for platformers, allowing you to customise characters and cars before building and sharing your own tracks, it's approaching things from a markedly different perspective - letting you get things up and running extremely quickly with tools that favour accessibility over precision.

If LittleBigPlanet treated you like an engineer at times, showering you with the contents of a fulsome toolbox filled with nuts, springs and cantilevers, and asking you to consider projections, torque, and other slightly less than user-friendly notions, ModNation assumes you're an artist at heart - and not necessarily a particularly gifted one."

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