E3 2009 – Who "won" the press conferences?

VG247: And that's that. One of the greatest E3s for years is done. There were megatons. People are still hiding under their kitchen tables. The conferences were nothing if not sensational. Our goosebumps refuse to settle.

But let's not be rational. Let's mark the platform holders' performances out of ten. Let's say who "won". Why not?

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Sonyslave33420d ago

MS won again lol i guess MS paid to say they won.

Foxgod3420d ago

Its really simple

Hardware innovation: MS (dont start about the screen delay of a second, the product isnt finished yet)

Most exclusive titles for 2009: MS (sony had most exclusives, but a lot are for 2010, if MS showed all games for 2010 it would have been a different story)

Best looking stage: MS (i mean, just come on, it was gorgeuous, they really worked setting it up)

Best performance of on stage performers: MS (the performers where fresh, interesting, had a good dose of humor, and contained a nice cast of celebs).

Biggest suprise: MS (the red question mark says it all)

yoghurt3420d ago

I didn't realise it was a competition? did I miss something?

If we are talking about who had a good show, well, msft and sony both did - but for sheer amount of high quality games shown AND innovation with the wand (working in a real game environment) AND new hardware AND new exclusives it has to be Sony. I REALLY am struggling to see what impressed people so much about msfts show? so its not about the games anymore?

Foxgod3420d ago

Its good for the gaming world if its a competition, the more MS and Sony compete, the better our gaming experiences become.

lloyd_wonder3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Does Microsoft get a little prize for winning? Is this some new thing, grading conferences? It's a sad profession.

My opinion is that all three had entertaining and enlightening shows. I never felt anybody had a mediocre showing-- even Nintendo had a great show. That's all that matters right?

Sonyslave33420d ago

What’s the must-have Christmas game for PS3? Uncharted? MAG? Against Left 4 Dead 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Forza 3 and Halo: ODST?

It look like MS got this Christmas wrap up.

lloyd_wonder3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

nvm... too easy

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