New software boosts Japanese hardware sales

Strong sales for new entries in the weekly Japanese software chart have proven to have a knock-on effect in hardware sales.

With two new Nintendo DS titles at the top of the chart, DS hardware sales have jumped by over 33,000 units to a total of 73,056 (65,537 for the DSi and 7,519 for the DS Lite). Other formats benefitted more modestly from the upturn in the market, with PSP hardware sales up by just under 5,000 units to 32,251.

Sales of the Wii, which saw its highest ranked software title this week at only number 13, increased by only 1,500 units to 17,810. This was still enough to keep it above the PlayStation 3 though, which increased by almost exactly the same amount to 12,427 units. Xbox 360 sales increased by 1,000, putting it ahead of the largely unchanged PlayStation 2 for the first time in several weeks, at 4857 units to 4120.

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qface643880d ago

with all the great upcoming games i do wish i had that big bag with the dollar sign on it =[

Carl14123879d ago

Indeed, don't we all? Or with a £ sign on it at least

irish-leprecaun3879d ago

between 360 and ps3 could be interesting!!

mshope103879d ago

man were are the comments about the sales in japan? if ps3 outsold the wii sony fanboys would be lighting up this comment section! it only got 3 posts cause nintendo fanboys don't got to trash talk cause we are just happy to play are system we love. even though it outsold ps3 for 4 weeks now is. its all over for sony right of course not! but if ps3 outsold wii for a month thats all they would say and they would say how they hate motion controls but now they love them cause sony is getting a wiimote clone! oh but no they like sonys better cause its is better then the wiimote! but its not better with motion plus we have that and the sensor bar! thats why they need the eyetoy to take the sensor bars place! and they have no nunchuk so you need 2 main controlers so it would take 2 players 4 controlers just something to think about when yinz say its better then the wiimote with motion plus!

mshope103879d ago

man i posted that last comment 5 mins ago and they move this story to the second page n4g your nintendo hate is strong if sony was the top saler in japan that story would be on the front page for a week!