Gamestop E3 EXTRAVAGANZA is having a great deal right now and you have less then 15 hours for this deal. Free shipping on E3 announced tittles like Left for Dead 2, Forza 3, and even Modern Warfare 2.

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qface643424d ago

wait what?
free shipping on games that aren't even out yet? some that have no release date at all?

what do you get a raincheck on the shipping?
also this is an extravaganza?

butterfinger3424d ago

the game online, it will go ahead and ring you up for free shipping with the E3 code you type in, but your card won't be charged until the game is shipped. Amazon works the same way with their pre-orders, and with street date/release date delivery guarantees, ordering online has become a pretty easy way to get your favorite games quickly. Unless, of course, you are going to a midnight launch. :)

qface643424d ago

ahh ok i have never really shopped online so im a novice at online shopping doesn't sound so bad actually

crck3424d ago

WTF? Amazon has free shipping on every game over $25 and tax free in like 45 states. How did this even get approved.

butterfinger3424d ago

because there is a "better" deal out there doesn't mean this isn't a good deal.