London MCM Expo 09 Game Village Report on PlayDevil

PlayDevil has posted a report of this years "MCM Expo 09 Game Village" which was held in London end of May.
Games that were displayed there such as the upcoming Batman game, Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires have been played and previewed.

Here's a snip:

"The expo was the world premier for the DW6: Empires demo, so I felt pretty privileged to get a good go with this title! I started off with the other two titles first though, starting with the more humble PSP.

Strikeforce is a little different to your standard DW game, in the fact that you start in a central hub with your character, then pick up missions from the noticeboard, and there are shops etc as well to play about with. It's a welcome system actually that I quite liked, especially as it was pretty well signposted. Graphics were neat, although loading times were absolutely horrendous. Gameplay-wise, it's pretty standard DW fare that will delight fans, but isn't probably enough to bring new fans in."

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xino3475d ago

why do Playdevil wasted their time at the MCM expo!?
That convention isn't a good place to find upcoming games to play:/

I mean last year's was sort of good, because they had MK vs DC...But in the end the game was trash!

GamerKnights3475d ago

Yeah i know what you mean .. still it's a small event for games but it's one that attracts a lot of people (also for anime etc) and because they presented a few new games to play, we decided to go and write something about it :)

xino3475d ago

nah it's not for games, games is just part of the showoff to attract more people.

It's mainly about sci-fi, anime and manga:/