Metroid Dread still exists

N+Dpad reports:
"Since the reveal of Metroid: Other M a few days ago, many have been wondering if this Metroid was indeed the infamous Metroid Dread. From various info the answer is no, and that we could potentially see Metroid Dread in the future."

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Product3423d ago

After this game i really want a 2D Metroid. Even if a small Wiiware campaign was the best they could do. That would satisfy my 2D craving.

qface643423d ago

i played metroid allot and i never once saw a metroid that had dreads >_>

seriously though hope its a ds game like fusion

Product3423d ago

Funny because i really want a fusion like ds game and a hunters type wii game.

Multiplayer Metroid on wii would be a whole mess of fun.

PhDInParapsychology3423d ago

But this game looks damn cool regardless. I'm also looking forward to picking up the Prime trilogy.

Cacic3423d ago

Hope it comes out one day and doesn't follow the unfortunate path of Duke Nukem Forever.