Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - In-Depth Interview (Video)

The game's lead designer talks in-depth about gameplay, graphics and the final work being done on the game before the beta is released.

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D3acon4271d ago

I hope this game will be optimized for the playstaton 3 seeing as it going to require some different techniques to harness the same level of gameplay as the pc and xbox 360. John Carmack doesn't believe in the ps3 and that makes me hesitant about this game.

One of the thing I thought might be a negative is that there were only 12 players per side, but after actually looking at some video of game objectives that no longer bothers me. The objective based gameplay means that people are going to concentrate in one area instead of being all over the map and no one being able to find another person for miles. This game looks good and may warrant a purchase, I guess I'll have to compare it with Frontlines: Fuel of War because the objective based gameplay seems to be the same.