Analyst: Xbox 360 to pull ahead of competition after E3

Strategy Analytics: Xbox Changes the Game at E3 . Sony and Nintendo Fall Behind in Online Entertainment Battle

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deshon093885d ago

nitendo has already won this gen so it mater not

BadboyCivic3885d ago

and then another article say "PS3 won" "360 won"
how about something that make sense like
"Gamers won this generation"

Genesis53885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Well as long has you don't mind playing half of the games and waiting another year for your motion sensor. Then I would say go with he 360.

EA as already stated the Sonys motion controler is good to go for developers. Nobody knows when the 360's will be ready.

MS 2 years ago use to say it's all about the games. Now it's all about facebook, twitter and fm radio. I have a computer hooked up to my TV I can do that on. For me it's still about the games and there they are falling behind.

solideagle13885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

this news got approved?? hehehe Ok we all agree MS won so what do we gain from winning a company just stfu and enjoy games and life. There is more to life than this everyday fanboyism.....believe me u r missing hell lot of things


Foxgod3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Not true, Nintendo isnt that far a head of MS, the gap between MS and Sony should be bigger then the gap between MS and nintendo.

If people buy into Natal then the 360 will go on a flow and start showing wii numbers.
That is, IF people buy into Natal, hopefully they do.

@above, Sony fans gain nothing if MS wins, but MS fans can look forward to more titles being developed for their beloved platform.

-MD-3885d ago

"EA as already stated the Sonys motion controler is good to go for developers. Nobody knows when the 360's will be ready. "

There are multiple developers working on Natal games right now

Rare, Epic, Lionhead all developing for it.

vasilisk3885d ago

"Not true, Nintendo isnt that far a head of MS, the gap between MS and Sony should be bigger then the gap between MS and nintendo. "

once again delusional.
Wii - (as of March according to Nintendo) - 50 million consoles
MS (as of January 1 according to MS) - 28mil
PS2 (as of December 31 according to Sony) - 21.5mil

Do the math yourself...

I did not murder him3885d ago

First party devs been working on it and they sent kits to devs this week. LMAO

Foxgod3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

K, i admit, the wii sold more then i thought it did.
But that gap of 20 million consoles is not unbreakable.

If the Wii bubble bursts, and Natal takes off, then MS could go beyond the wii.

Personally i hope the 360 will be as popular as the ps2 used to be, and from the looks of it now its on its way.

@I did not murder him.
Indeed, they only recently received the hardware.
But that means they got more then a year the time to implement Natal features into games they have been working on now for years.
It should not be so hard for them to make the current WIP's Natal compatible with the time they still have.

What imminent pricecut ?
And what does Sony have to offer that adds future perspective ?
If natal succeeds then every multi game will have exclusive natal features that the sony eye cannot pull off, what do you think the average joe will go for if their local stores have awesome natal demo's.
And it aint 7 million, MS went past the 30 million already.

And the wii had lost its flair, its not selling so fast anymore, and is constantly shrinking in sales.

vasilisk3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

have fun with your highly precision camera.

EDIT @foxgod: so 22 million gap and constantly growing these months (more like 25 right know if you add the NPD and Europe sales) is not unbreakable but a 7 million gap, with a price cut imminent, is?
Sorry my friend, as much as I don't like it Nintendo will be a the top of this generation. Wii started to sell because of it's price point and motion control first, but now it sells mainly because it's considered to be cool. It;s like the ipod, not the best quality but it's THE thing to own among people that are not hardcore gamers

EDIT @Foxgod again: Dude the pricecut this holiday period is a given deal with it, or don't. Also if you add NPD's numbers and Japan numbers the difference this year is around 200-250K consoles. That's it. Do the math yourself. Europe is neck and neck so far. The difference is where it was 6 months ago.

Where exactly are the Wii sales slowing down and 360's picking up?

In the last 3 months Wii sold 800K more consoles than the 360. In Europe there is a Wii massacre. The only place that Wii slowed down is Japan, but only for PS3 to pick up the pace.

And I don't think that you ever had a pseye to begin with
look at the menu navigation

What exactly is the new concept with Natal? Also have you actually seen the delay with Natal? It's almost a second, at this stage it's virtually unplayable. First they have to fix the delay, then they have to get new games out, set an affordable price point and then we will see. Btw there's a reason why eye toy never exploded and neither will Natal. People want to hold a controller in their hands...

Daoshai3885d ago

They seem to be heading in different directions

While Sony continues to pump out great games, most are lacking an online perspective that opens the community to engaging. (though from uncharted beta is fun as hell)

Microsoft is making their console an online goldmine of features (sorry omarja no one cares about the browser in ps3, I've used it maybe 3 times, not worth scrolling around typing things in (you know it true)) If Microsoft comes up with a way of instant 1080p streaming that'd be amazing, with their party chat, family interactive games (1v100, etc) its opening up a whole new market as well as keeping the core audience satisfied with games like halo:odst,reach, MGR, Alan Reach, etc.

Its Xbox Live that makes Microsoft the true winner this generation (excluding wii).

nycredude3885d ago

Damn all the MS fans all worked up for Natal. Once again MS does something Sony has been doing since PS2 and everyone comes out and say it will change the game.

Sony has been there and done that and there are games right NOW on PSN to show for it. This is old tech people stop hyping it up!

IaMs123885d ago

Well no Sh%T sherlocks that its not precise yet its not even ready for launch unlike the SONY's waggle wand is. I mean i have hopes for this natal project too but so far it seems like MS and Sony switched this time. MS going for a more future proof as Sony hitting it up now. Personally what would you rather have? You doing all the motions, ex. Giving ammo to a friend, going stealthy in a future Splinter cell, so whenever you mess up YOU really mess up, or some Street Fighter or Tekken where you take the ring. Something like that i would love.

Also was the PSeye able to do what they did with Milo? I never had one im asking.

cherrypie3885d ago


Analysts are paid by investment firms for unbiased analysis. You people simply *DISMISS* their verdict and substitute it for your own opinion? How do you people survive in the modern world, have you absolutely no common sense? How do you survive the modern media?

The Xbox 360 has had an increase in year-over-year sales thusfar in 2009. They are **EXTENDING** the lead over PS3. It is not "shrinking" -- it is growing! The numbers are their for everyone to see.

After this show -- where MS deliverd to all markets -- MS is going to have another year burying PS3.

That's the opinion of a PAID PROFESSIONAL. And I agree with him.

Nikuma3885d ago

I love how everyone is all drooling over Natal and/or PS3 motion controls. I don't care how advanced they may seem, they're still going to be gimmicks and appeal to the casual gamers. So go ahead and bash the Wii for its casual appeal and motion controls, but once it comes to your system of choice it's "OMG MOTION CONTROLS YAH". Give me a break.

slayorofgods3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Are you kidding me? The 360 will pull ahead of the competition because of online t.v. and movie streaming. The internet already provides these services for free, try Hulu or, all watchable through a PS3. Everyone including Microsoft was preaching to the quire at E3.

What kind of lame analyst is this (it seems like this article was rushed and typed in five minutes) it should not have been approved but I guess a tittle is all it takes anymore.

el zorro3884d ago

The neat thing about those features is not merely just having them. It is the fact that it is integrated into the console itself. The console millions of us are using as our primary gaming platform.

If I am on my 360 and just want to stop to check up on something on my Facebook account I don't want to have to go get up, turn on my computer and wait for it to boot and then finally go to Facebook. And I definitely am not going to turn of my 360 and start up my Ps3 just to use its substandard web browser to do something quick on twitter or Facebook. Having it right there built into the dashboard is slick as hell.

I don't understand how some of you guys don't see what is cool about these features.

Anyway, the 360 has increased its sales lead over the Ps3 since the first year it was launched and I think it is poised to increase the gap between them. The Wii may be impossible to ever catch up with, but not necessarily. In any case, I can definitely envision scenarios in which the Wii sales slow and the 360 increases its sales enough to bring the two consoles to within a few million of each other by generation's end.

Right now the Wii is sitting at roughly 50 million units sold, the 360 at 30 million and the Ps3 at around 22 million. That is obviously a pretty sizable lead the Wii has over the 360, but it is nowhere near the kind of lead the PS2 had over its competitors last generation. It is actually surprising how relatively close in sales the three consoles are this gen.

When you consider that all console makers have expressed their plans to keep supporting their consoles for many more years I still think it is anybody's game. Although, I do think the 360 has a better chance of overtaking the Wii than the Ps3 does.

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MaximusPrime3885d ago

fine for North Americans.

As a European, i felt Sony conference was much better.

The Meerkat3885d ago

Will all those great looking MS games not be available in Europe?

I'm in the UK and I thought MS hit a home run at E3.

lloyd_wonder3885d ago

I think he means the features.

dylandurden3885d ago

Same here

(Also, @ guy from UK: you british are xbots as well, you like the 360 most)

The Meerkat3885d ago

I'm sure 2011 will be the year of the Playstation 3.

Foxgod3885d ago

Dont speak for all of us Europeans, i am dutch, i dont agree with you.

OmarJA3885d ago

Sony conference was defiantly better, they showed the best lineup of games...

M$ new services (Twitter,FaceBook) can also be accessed via the PS3 Browser so it's not that much of a deal to PS3 owners...

The 1080p movie streaming will require a high connection speed & you can't save your movies or even go forward, The Movie service on the PSN can be rented, purchased, watch while you download, transfer it to you PSP & download it again & again...

vasilisk3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

You must be joking.
You have a company that's silent all year long but declared that it had great and unannounced games. Whenever everyone aked about MS's 2009 lineup, they always said, we're not over we have a lot unannounced games for this year. Next comes E3. How many exclusives did MS announced for 2009? Two, that's it. It announced Forza 3 which we all knew it was coming and the online only and PC also L4D2. The Halo expansion and Splinter Cell we knew about. That's it for 2009, the top secret and unannounced games in MS's lineup. Their gaming highlight was a multiplatform title... On the other hand Sony has 2 exclusive AAA games already out this year according to your beloved Metacritic, Killzone 2 and MLB The Show. Hell, even Infamous that all MS fanboys are very eager to say that's it's not an AAA game scored 85, more than any exclusive that MS released so far. And Sony keeps the exclusives coming. Sony announced a buttload of exclusive games for PSP but everyone seems to forget that. And also announced a Rockstar exclusive, FFXIV, Trico on top of all those exclusives that keep coming. And what did MS announced for next year? Crackdown 2 and yet another Halo, that's it. Alan Wake we knew about. That's the new games and is this the great lineup that MS is bragging about? Have you realized that not even half on Sony's studios have announced their projects and still there are many more exclusives than MS's thin lineup?

OmarJA3885d ago

I'm sure one day M$ will have they're own year.

green3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

From this fall you can rent movies and also download to own if you want on XBL.And you can start a party with your friends no matter whether you’re sharing the same sofa or are on opposite sides of the country. Your Avatars sit in a virtual cinema and you can watch the movies together and also comment using voice chat.And in the Uk we can watch live TV (premiership football matches) together.That is very cool indeed.

The Meerkat3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

MS HAVE had their own years they've been 2006,2007,2008,2009 and when the megaton bomb of Halo: Reach drops they will have 2010 too.

I think its generous even to suggest PS3 will do well in 2012.


LightofDarkness3885d ago

Why is the Meerkat in those ads an Eastern European stereotype? Meerkats don't even live anywhere near eastern Europe...

IdleLeeSiuLung3885d ago

I want to point out that MS tends to only announced games that are being released in the near future. God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5 and the likes has appeared more than twice on E3 now. Sony has a history of doing this, remember the KillZone CGI video years ago....

Catch my drift.... Going by games, I don't think 360 owners feels there is a lack of games.

The Meerkat3885d ago

I come to Europe to get free handouts, medical care and house paid for by native Europeans.

Beats living in hole in desert!!


IaMs123885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I thought Eurpoe would like MS Sky TV, i dont think its here in NA, or well ive never heard of it until now. And MS is bringing many features to LIVE As well.

EDIT: @above, very true point seems like some Fannies dont like what your said but its true! How many times have you seen Gears at E3 or Forza3 or Mass Effect 2, or pretty much anything except Alan Wake. Thats the only one i can really think of maybe splinter cell? MS has been known to show some of the same games as well as new every E3.

Consoldtobots3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

you know I might be the only that notices things like these but it seems an above average number of microsoft diehards are always dutch.

I wonder if this has anything to do with it:

btw "the mart" says he's dutch too.....hmm

"650 people from Delhi to Detroit make the site Microsoft's biggest development center in Europe. If you have an international mentality and love the feeling of powering the world, you'll fit right in."

biggest in europe huh, something smells around here and it aint my breath.

rockleex3885d ago

Wait... so when was Alan Wake announced?

IdleLeeSiuLung3885d ago

Both Too Human and Alan Wake was announced too early. MS admitted this and considered it a marketing fiasco. Since then MS haven't REALLY announced many titles that aren't released in the near future.

You can nitpick, but it is cleat that it isn't a trend with MS unlike Sony.

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lloyd_wonder3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Ahh, analysts... the usual hands- off types, that make predictions and usually wind up back peddling out of.

qface643885d ago

wasn't it analysts that said the wii would be in last place right now
wasn't it analysts that said motion controls wouldn't take off?
the list goes on and on

in the end its just someone taking a guess
i believe that as much as i believe anyone elses guesses

Why dis3885d ago

Pro Sony media and PS3 fanboys can only hide the way the masses really feel about what MSFT did at E3 for so long.

Why dis3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Disagreeing won't help, the people praising PS3's primitive controller MSFT said for games that require a waggle stick they would be working on one that works with Natal. Just admit Sony got beat. Sony's best showing which was their motion stick is no more important than a peripheral for Natal. lol

King_many_layers3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

but why this, who's really going to be buying this ?? "Harcore gamers" have completely shunned these motion controlled devices. Yes Natal isn't the same, but it still does seem very casual friendly. I honestly don't think that as much as we guys would like it to be incorporated into a more harcore game, that it will happen.

This wont catch onto the casual crowd either, this could get some great games that are casual friendly, but due to it being a peripheral which will clearly come with a cost it will instantly lose it's appeal.
The wii caught on because it was cheap, interesting, different and just a "cool" object to have. The cool factor will be noticed of Natal, but it wont catch on because it's going to come with an extra price tag. Casuals want their fun cheap, don't care for graphics and don't really buy peripherals. Gaming for any casual gamer I know is a very very small part of their life.
So why waste money on something that will get used so little.

GiantEnemyCrab3885d ago

"but why this, who's really going to be buying this ??"

I will buy it if it continues to show the promise it already has.

I've always thought motion controls were rather lame but I have to admit Natal has changed that. I am thinking about using it in conjunction with a standard controller. The head tracking, motion sensing, advanced voice recognition, etc could make an excellent compliment.

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Omega43885d ago

MS will always be ahead when it come to online features, mainly because they were the ones who started console online to begin with. While Sony and Nintendo play catch, MS will keep adding and expanding their feature set to such an extend that the competition will likely never equal them.

OmarJA3885d ago

I didn't they were the ones who made the Dreamcast...

Wake me up when they provide dedicated servers to their games.

Mike134nl3885d ago

Microsoft is a software company no surprise to that, also considering the fact that the new xbox dashboard was build to faccilitate expansions is no surpise to see new stuff coming out.

More interesting is the that next to games Microsoft has been focussing more on these expansions to build on media entertainment platform, besides a gaming machine.
Streaming 1080p movies is in my eyes the biggest added future, when looking at the market for consumers who want to watch hd movies, this could be a good option next to bluy-ray.

But I do find it a shame that Microsft own services like msn and hotmail/live mail have been poorly implemented on the xbox 360 platform.

Erratic3885d ago

Ms made online an integral part of the console, and shipped it with excellent services to boot, but they were NOT first. Dreamcast had online in 1999 and the Xbox launched 2001.

I anticipate disagrees even though these are FACTS.

Simon_Brezhnev3885d ago

You know they hate facts they to delusional

Consoldtobots3885d ago

well xbox-live is around because microsoft welched on their deal with Sega to support the dreamcasts online functionality. They backed out of that, let the dreamcast wither on the vine and shortly after that launched the xbox. Now WHO killed the dreamcast again?

cpt_kaos3885d ago

UM dude my first online capable console was the Playstation 2.
Which was out how long before the originl Xbox?

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