G4TV: Left 4 Dead 2 First Preview From E3 2009

G4TV writes: "It hasn't even been a year, but Valve is already mapping out a sequel to last year's multiplayer smash hit, Left 4 Dead. The developer's keen sense for online play made the game one of 2008's biggest hits. With Left 4 Dead 2, we're getting what looks like a well-honed sequel. I dove into a 10-minute session with "The Parish," a stage set in what appears to be an undead-infested New Orleans. Given the city's recent history, there's an eerie ambience to the setting. During Microsoft's press conference this week, we were introduced to Coach, one of the four survivors you'll play as. For today's 10-minute demo, I stepped into the role of Ellis, a mechanic armed with a gun and the will to survive."

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