E3: God of War 3, What Happens Next?

Gamersyde: "You loved the gameplay presentation of God of War 3 showcased during the Sony media briefing ? You wonder what happens after the cruel fade to black that ended it ? Thanks to DJMizuhara, here's the answer in video. As The end of the demo is quite long, we are forced to divide it into three parts."

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The_Perverted_Ninja3475d ago

I can only speak for myself but to me it was all GoW3 and Uncharted 2...

thereapersson3475d ago

They always have an excellent download option, plus they have some video content that is not always available on other websites.

gameraxis3475d ago

WOW! favorite series, bar none, this and uncharted 2 best games ever made!

Conviction is no slouch either, i can't f***ing WAIT to get these games!

japwow3475d ago

this game looks incredible!
the dynamic lighting effects are stunningly beautiful.

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