PS3 Motion Controller vs Xbox 360 Project Natal

Product-Reviews: When you start to read up on the two systems, it becomes evident that they have taken what Nintendo have done with the Wii and gone a step further. However, when you look at the PS3 Motion Controller compared to the Xbox 360 Project Natal, you can clearly see that Microsoft looks to be a far better system.

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qface643887d ago

everyone don't approve this based on the tittle alone i already know what this is going to turn into
haven't we had enough of this for 1 day?

Rainstorm813887d ago

when you look at the PS3 Motion Controller compared to the Xbox 360 Project Natal, you can clearly see that Microsoft looks to be a far better system.

Fanboy rhetoric (it seems)

menoyou3887d ago

Natal isn't final and had glitches on stage and they showed videos of what they PLAN to accomlish. PS3's motion controls are already out to developers and demonstrated live on stage working great. PS3 wins for now. Natal can be amazing, but let's not pretend that this is a reality just yet.

anh_duong3887d ago

i wish sony and ms didn't invent these frigging motion controllers since now all we ever see is natal vs sony motion controller articles..

so pointless: spamming the hell out of N4G..

i suppose alll these monkey journalist have to find a way of justifying their useless existance.

Trollimite3887d ago

i like natal and all,but even guns have triggers, how can i get and the real immersiveness without any buttons!

table3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Natal is a step in the right direction. It's basically a primitive form of virtual reality. If they wanted they could alter it to include buttons like giving you a gun and throwing you into a FPS game. It's still early days and it may even be too much too soon, but the potential of possibilities are there.

Monchichi0253887d ago

You guys sweating a little bit there?? LOL

And I love how Sony fanboys try to compare Natal with a EyeToy! LMFAO!!! Dude, the eyetoy is equivalent to the Vision Cam that MS already has on the market. that is why you can play games like Your in the movies with it already.

Natal Is SOOOO much more!! That is why everyone is talking about it. If it was just what you say, MS would already have it out in the market making money off of it. It's so advanced that they haven't even finished the technology behind it. You guys just don't want to admit it though because the possibility of it being successful worries you more then anything before!

Mc Fadge3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

From what I've seen so far, Natal is an EyeToy with depth perception technology and software (read 20)

EDIT: To the person who disagreed, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me why so I can correct myself in the future

ChozenWoan3887d ago

For those thinking PSLightsticks are far from being ready.

Looks like PS3 owners are going to have a "wand"erfull 2010, while others are still waiting to play with a certain little boy.

Godmars2903887d ago


I'm sick of the 360 camp dismissing the eyetoy and deifying Natal.

Its a motion controller - get over it already.

Mr_Bun3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

The problem most people don't seem to get is that natal (for the most part) is 'theoretical' shows potential but there is still a LONG way to go...You can clearly see lag between your motion and the display, which is a HUGE deal for me...How are you going to play online when there is delay between you and the monitor, never-mind over the internet. They only showed wii type games and haven't set a release date.

Yes this seems impressive, but 360 fans seem to be grasping to 'hope of what is to come' vs. what 'will be' which Sony has shown.

Whatever happened to the GAMES being the key to success?

heroicjanitor3887d ago

Natal won't be for years and even then it probably won't work.

Venomish3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

1. Natal is not better than PS3 Motion controller
PS3 Motion controller is not better than Natal
It is just a matter of opinion/preference

2. It is retarded to have all these articles already out when both motion systems are not finished yet

3. It should not about the motion control scheme, it should be about the games and applications utilizing it. therefore wiimote is currently better than both natal and ps3 motion controller

4. when these natal and ps3 motion controller are released with games supporting them, feel free to compare the games on each side.

in conclusion, stop being a retard who is already taking sides with a motion control scheme that is not released yet and we have not seen any hot games utilizing it.

Sarcasm3887d ago

Why all of a sudden, a motion controller-less thing comes out and MS fanboys are jumping in joy like it's the second coming of Jesus?

Aren't these the same guys that bashed the Wii and calling it a gimmick? Aren't these the same guys that dismissed the Eye Toy as a gimmick? Aren't these the same guys that always talk about "OH, the 360 is about games and games only!" yet does a homer dance when MS announces instant-1080p, avatars, netflix, facebook, and natal?

Seriously, if this generation has shown us anything, is that it's full of retards especially the ones who anal rapes themselves with anything MS related and dismisses everything else.

And another thing, is the "Graphics Fanboys" who's 'not impressed' with GoWIII or Uncharted 2 or GT5P or WipeoutHD. But then says "OMG Alan wake's graphics are amazing!" or "Forza 3 is the best graphics ever!"


TapiocaMilkTea3887d ago

I don't understand why people complain the lack of buttons on Natal. It's very easy to incorporate buttons to work in Natal, you can even use the xbox controller.

Venomish3887d ago


exactly my thoughts. bubbles+
After E3 09, the existence of large-scale hypocrisy and double-standard-ism among xbox only fanboys became crystal clear.

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Bordel_19003887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

"However, when you look at the PS3 Motion Controller compared to the Xbox 360 Project Natal, you can clearly see that Microsoft looks to be a far better system. "

It's not the far better system, it the more ambitious project. It's still early in developement and nothing impressive has been shown live yet.

PS3 Motion on the other hand is a more down to earth system, and it already shows what it can be used for in live demos. It looks very precise and responsive.

What has been show with Project Natal so far is nothing more than what you can do with the PS EayToy, I mean kicking balls and spraying paint on a wall. That's early stage for a product, but like I said, It's the most ambitious of the three, not necessarily the better one.

Foxgod3887d ago

And how is it not the far better system ?
It can interact with far more objects on the screen, got more depth sense, can sense emotions of the player, got a build in infrared and a normal color camera, got voice recognition.

Its specs are beyond that of the pseye, and better specs = better system.

Just like an I7 is better then a Core2duo.

Bordel_19003887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

I'm saying it's the more ambitious, because all that you mention has not been proven to work yet, at least not very well.

The PS3 Motion also has full use of tracking your body like Natal but the SW does not track in 3d like Natal, but for that you have the Motion controllers (in combination with EyeToy) on the PS3 Motion, so PS3 motion is like a combination of Wii Motion and Natal, though the camera tracking is less advanced than Natal, but the controller tracking is much much better and precise, also it has triggers on the controllers.

This time around it's actually Sony that has the more down to earth approach and went for, what to me seems, like the more functional, cheaper and easier to implement solution. Time will tell how good Natal will be, let's hope for Natal's sake that it doesn't drain all of the X360's power to work well.

Serg3887d ago

Far better system for who? Your average granny gamer? Natal screams casual where Sony's motion tech can be used for gamer's games.

Combining both worlds seems to be the better solution for any type of gamer.

I would die to play a game where collision detection decides where your sword hit your opponent. Also with DualShock inside you would feel a glimpse of the impact the delivered blow had on your enemy. You could use the analog stick to move and look around and could use buttons for crouching and jumping, leaving the motion detection to limbs only.

Meaning, core games could actually use this tech for a crucial gameplay mechanic, not just plastering your photo on your drivers license in Burnout Paradise.

Foxgod3887d ago

How is the wii casual, but the ps3 motion controller not ?
Whatever..... this discussion is a joke.

Serg3887d ago

The Wiimotion was used in FPS games, but Nintendo made it casual and is successful. And nowhere have I said the PS3 motion controller isn't casual, nor have I mentioned the Wii anywhere. I just pointed out the controller has the same buttons like a normal gamepad, therefore could be used to play core games AND use the motion tracking at once. And looking at the games Sony tends to produce vs. the games Nintendo makes, it's a no brainer that this controller will probably be used to create core games as well, not just casual.

outlawlife3887d ago

i can't believe peopel are comparing natal to the eyetoy, if natal was nothign more than eyetoy then why did sony bother?

natal is very impressive tech, eyetoy was/is very basic motion detection

as for the sony motion controller, i dont even know where to begin, nothing new there, they took some lightballs from a mocap suit, put them on sticks and made a "motion" controller

all they did was make a light tracking device not any more impressive than wii motion plus, it just uses the burden of an addition device(camera)

sonys device looks like it was thrown together a week before the show

natal has been in development for years by 3dv, and then months on top of that after microsoft aquired it

natal is progressig motion control, sony is using tech that has been here for years

i'm not a big fan of motion control to begin with but sonys presser left a bad taste in my mouth, this is clearly nothing but a rushed cash grab...i cannot wait for the price

OGharryjoysticks3887d ago

I completely agree. Games without rumble just don't feel right anymore. Sony tried to get out of it to avoid paying the lawsuit, but the entire gaming community wouldn't let them. Now for some reason nobody is complaining. The whole thing with flapping around and not actually using a controller sounds great for a women's gym class game, but as a gamer I know there has to be a weapon to hold. Even the magic man holds a staff in the magic games so come on, give me a break.

mario2man3887d ago

how will play your favorite franchises such as halo on it (there are no buttons). So far you have only seen casual games. With the Sony controller you can make a hardcore games along with casual games because there are buttons.

fossilfern3887d ago

Fox god you really anoy me you are the biggest 360 fanboy on this site you know what it is dont come here and comment your crap you can clearly see if you look at both demos sonys montion sensing is far more accurate and with the wand thing you can do far more things with it 360s natal is just a more advanced eye toy from the PS2 thats all it is

locos853887d ago

The only hardcore game I might see natal being used for is maybe a boxing game would be cool for it, or a tennis game....... wait a minute. That sounds like Wii Sports. but seriously I wouldn't mind using it for a boxing match. I doubt I can play something like tekken on it since I cant do all the flips the characters do in the game.

GoldenBoy3887d ago

I have been waiting for this argument since they announced these motion controller visions.

"And how is it not the far better system ?
It can interact with far more objects on the screen, got more depth sense, can sense emotions of the player, got a build in infrared and a normal color camera, got voice recognition.

Its specs are beyond that of the pseye, and better specs = better system."

Are you now willing to admit that the PS3 is the better system considering it has more features (blu-ray, built in wifi, free-online) and at least equal processing power? I want to hear you say it because nothing I have said is different from what you have said above.

For everyone main question is how much? How much are they going to sell this for because if it is so high tech and so revolutionary then it probably will not be cheap. The PS Eye is $40 and before you go saying that the price will be justified just remember that is Sony's argument regarding PS3 and not many are buying it. I mean if you are willing to spend $300 on a 360 and $100 on a blu-ray player than you have justified a PS3. I know about the $199 version and that is the difference isn't it. Less features but cheaper.

Also, Natal and the PS3 motion controller could very well fail becuase of adoption rates. The reason the wiimote works is that it is packed in. As for the Wii Balance Board it is successful because of one game and even with millions out there I do not see many developers making everything compatable.

Time will tell but MS's and Sony's greatest challenge will not be making it work but in convincing the public why they need to buy it (cheap price will help) and developers why they need to use it. I mean Sixaxis may not be great but there are over 23 million of these controllers out there and hardly anyone incorporates anything into their games (I mean not even Sony's developers use it most of the time).

Serg3887d ago

You nailed the point. 360 owners went crazy over the fact that the PS3 launched at 600 bucks and that the price wasn't justified. 900 bucks would be justified because that's what the production cost has been, Sony knew 900 for a console is ridiculous and cut 33% off and was bleeding with every console sold.

Now some Eyetoy plus named Natal comes around and it has this and that and this, and suddenly a high price is "justified" because of advanced tech and features.

Natal sounds too good to be true, and until they show some solid live footage I won't believe it does half of the promised stuff. I could make a video discussing global warming with MYSELF, so much for Milo.

Making decent hardcore games as you would expect is simply impossible without some kind of physical input. How do you think you would be able to walk through a level without an analog stick or a d-pad. You ask a friend to walk in front of you with the cam attacked to his back while the camera captures you walking? Sounds like fun doesn't it? I've even read someone suggesting using the voice recognition to move around. I will wait for the Youtube video when someone plays Call of Duty screaming SHOOT, WALK LEFT, WALK RIGHT, DUCK, STAND, WALK FORWARD... sounds like it'll be fun, I mean watching the Youtube video.

Overall Sony has developed a great concept, it's nothing really new, but full motion control can finally be used in hardcore games. Wii has some FPS games using a similar technique, but I wouldn't buy a system dedicated to casual gaming just for so few games I would actually play. Sony has a lot of great development teams, so I hope they will put a decent fantasy game together using the mechanics they've showed off in the tech demos.

Again the link I left in some previous comments:

You can clearly see Sony is heading in the right direction, making these previously casual "things" "compatible" to core gamers.

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Rifle-Man3887d ago

I look forward to seeing Natal in nursing homes everywhere.

Bzone243887d ago

I look forward to seeing the ps3 motion controller in the homes of lonely women everywhere.

Ischan3887d ago

Agree with Bordello1900. Natal is more ambitious project. The possibility is broad. For gaming, it's still need to be proven.

Example, who wants to play Forza3 for hours by 'pretending' driving.
We can do hours of gaming, casue we move just our small thumb, Natal will need us to move arm, leg and whole body, for hours and not holding any steerwheel at all ? Still need to be proven, though.

If only for moving object, then all consoles have already have the features.

So perhaps it's a little bit "overkill" for gaming.

Btw, check this out,

Not sure which one started the motion thing first....


ZuperAmazingCooKie3887d ago

Good job little bud, but here's a reality check:

PS3's controller works immediately with all of the games that came before it. Want more? Natal won't be supported by all games because it doesn't allow for direct translation, so it's just a gimmick; Microsoft won't really force developers to add the functionality and why should they? This new method can't be used with previous games. Even more, the successor of 360 will be coming, or at least shown, relatively soon after Natal launches (certainly not 2015, lol), so it's pointless to be touting it as revolutionizing the 360 platform.

For the next platforms, all platform holders will have similar technologies and 1up each other, so it's too late for whatever advantage Natal has over the competition

Montreafart3887d ago

I mean look at the shiat they are using. Full body movement tracking, voice recognition, facial recognition, lmao what is this, some sort of high level security.

hahaha what a load of crap. Whats voice recognition good for in videogames. Whats fking facial recognition good for other than making pictures of yourself in "Youre In the Movies"

That shiat is not gonna be cheap, I can tell you that!

Sony's project may resemble wiimote but thats only a good thing. Developers have already had a taste of the wiis capabilities. But now they have a similar project but only more powerfull and more advanced.

Sony's project therefore will stand most chance with developers. Whereas Natal is just too expensive for the consumers as the developers.