Over 125 Wii games listed for release from now through 2010 [E3 2009]

See a listing of over 125 games scheduled to arrive on the Wii over the next few months and into 2010. The game listing comes from Nintendo, following E3 2009 (release date/estimate subject to change).

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qface643427d ago

in before "all shovelware"

Torkith3427d ago

all shovelware!

auhhh, I'm too slow :P
There's a decent amount of good titles that I'm looking forward too. Red Steel 2 being one, Monster Hunter 3 another and more.

SinnedNogara3427d ago

Pressed agree on accident. If they redo the site, they need to keep the two apart.

Anyway I disagree. Most was THIRD-PARTY shovelware, but some was really good, like Monster Hunter 3 and Red Steel 2.

Let the flame war begin!!

qface643427d ago

yeah MH3 x]
im excited to play that one especially online YES i will happily pay the price for some good times online

least its cheaper than FF11 and phantasy star

Myst3427d ago

March 2010 huh...I better put this in on my phone's calender...

cookieliaokai3427d ago

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NMC20073427d ago

You got a shovel? Cuz we got some wares to bury, bout 115 wares to be exact.

qface643427d ago

my crystal ball worked x]

morkendo3427d ago

contra in that line-up what a pittyful shame. how can nintendo do that to us??

Product3427d ago

imagine a Wii specific Contra. Oh man what fun that would be

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The story is too old to be commented.