HP takes on PS3, Xbox and Wii

"Any lingering image of HP as a stodgy company was dispelled yesterday in San Francisco as the company called 'Game On' in its bid for a piece of the online gaming industry.

The company's HP Labs research centre is developing technology that could be incorporated into next-generation PCs that play interactive video games designed for the broadband era. By doing so, HP thinks it can compete against a surge in popularity of console-style games such as Microsoft's Xbox, Sony's PlayStation and Nintendo's Wii."

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scarlett_rg4267d ago

I'll have to wait for more news on this, but my first impression is that this won't be all that successful.

Maybe if MS, Sony, or Nintendo steals their ideas down the road for their next consoles... then we might start seeing things like this in more than two people's homes.

jonnyjd14267d ago

...but what is actually produced can be very different. I'll wait and see on this one.

calderra4267d ago

HP knows they can be competitive, because they used illegal pretexting to spy on their competitors! Oh, snap! But yeah, this sounds kind of like the Phantom console- a promise to enter the race with absolutely nothing actually behind it at the moment.

"HP also played a video in which a teenage boy walks through a big city with his handheld game player. He points the device at a portion of the city's skyline, the device scans the outline of the buildings in view and creates a game scene from that image."

...and a few years ago, Sony made a video of a prototype PS9 that would use inhaled adrenal supplements to make games happen IN YOUR MIND! HP doesn't stand in the console race with that kind of technology coming!

[Unbelievably outlandish BS, FTW!]

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